This post is a little different from my usual posts as I’m going to combine everything all into one post rather than have lots of separate ones. Mainly because I’m so busy at the moment that I don’t have time to write a billion different posts, but I still have so much to share with you all so I thought this was the best way.


So last Sunday me and my gals went to the Ivy Asia restaurant in ST.Pauls which FYI is the newest Instagram hotspot. Honestly, the whole place looks magical, everything down to the flooring is absolute goals, whoever designed the interior is incredibly talented, I’ve never seen a restaurant like it! Now you might have heard of the Ivy before, they have lots of different venues around London but this one in particular is inspired by Asian cuisines. I’m not usually a lover of sharing food, I usually like to order my own dish but with sushi it’s much easier if you order a range of dishes and share them all between you, that way it gives you a chance to be introduced to new things. I can honestly say I really enjoyed each dish we ordered, especially the ‘popcorn shrimp’ which if you go, you definitely have to order. I would recommend this restaurant if you’re looking for somewhere beautiful for lunch, dinner or evening drinks, then I can assure you that you’ll love it, plus you’ll definitely get that Insta selfie you all sought after!



On Tuesday I was kindly invited to Mrs Foggs (Broadgate circle) to try their brand new lunch menu which launched last week and I love it, I think the winner of Masterchef is their head chef so we were in safe hands. I’ve visited their venue before to try their Indian inspired brunch and it was absolutely amazing so I knew they were gonna hold the same standard with their new menu! Still keeping the Indian inspired dishes, I had fish and chips which had a curry twist to it, and it was delicious. Also if you’re a fan of big portions then this is the place for you, oh and if you’re a latte lover then I duno if you’ll find a better one than theirs. Honestly. Best latte I’ve had in a long long time. I even sacrificed my dairy intolerance to have one and it was well worth it. Also again, if you’re looking for a little Instagram hotspot then their bathroom interior in particular is perfect for the gram!


As you all know, I love the cinema, whenever you’re in need of a bit of a sugar fix and mixed tango ice blast then that’s where you’ll find me. Recently I went to go and see the new film out called The Gentleman and after asking my followers whether they’d recommend it a whopping 89% voted yes! I usually ask my followers before seeing a film because there’s nothing worse than being trapped in a cinema watching a boring film, especially when it’s a cinema with uncomfy seats (my local cinema is a very basic one) so I do often rely on those polls! Fortunately for me I absolutely loved the film, I have a bit of a soft spot for Matthew Mcconaughey so even if the film wasn’t great I’m sure staring at him for an hour wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world. Also I was really impressed with Hugh Grant, he was so brilliant and really funny, to be honest, the whole film had me laughing start to end, so I would definitely say it’s worth the watch.



– Life is short, buy the shoes.

So you’re looking at the new brand ambassador for @egoofficial. It was only last week I was putting it out into the universe how I wanted to have more of a long term collaboration with a major shoe brand and then they only went and popped up asking me to be their brand ambassador. I was so fricking excited because I absolutely love their brand and if you haven’t already guessed, I also love shoes! For me, it doesn’t matter if you’ve put on weight, if you’re not wearing any makeup, pretty shoes will always uplift your mood and give you a confidence boost. Also I find the quote, ‘give the woman the right pair of the shoes and she can conquer the world’ very inspiring – good shoes take you good places but @egoofficial shoes take you greater places! And finally all the shoe content I’ve spent ages creating is finally being noticed and I’m so glad to be part of such an amazing brand!



For the past 7 or so years I’ve worn my hair curly, waved or blow-dried and even on days off at home, my hair will never be in it’s natural state which is in fact poker straight. It’s been a comfort blanket for me for a long time and even the thought of having straight hair would send shudders down my spine. I’d agree, I’m a creature of comfort. (I even have my tea in the same mug everyday, which was kindly gifted by my friend Lauren, I don’t think I’ll ever drink out of another mug again). This straight-haired look wasn’t planned, it was actually out of pure laziness of not wanting to curl my hair which led to this new me! I wish my laziness could take the full credit for this huge change of hair style but if it wasn’t for my friend Sid insistently telling me this was the way forward and encouraging me to do such a drastic change then I doubt I would have ever done it. The new look even encountered a few hey stranger texts so I guess it’s not as hideous as I originally thought..in fact the response has been quite overwhelmingly positive, so thanks Siddy!



This week I was kindly gifted an ‘It’s all about you’ box from the brand ‘@nakdwholefoods‘ and I was so delighted. Inside the generous gifting they included some pillow spray from the brand ‘Tisserand‘ which I’ve tried and tested and I’m a huge fan. I suffer with anxiety so when I feel anxious spraying the spray foggs your senses with a calming scent helping to relax and calm you down. Personally I really recommend them, however most of the ones I’ve tried all smell of lavender, so if you’re not a fan of lavender then you’ll probs not enjoy it as much as me. Secondly they included a travel-sized reusable mug which is perfect for the environment, some eptom salt to use whilst you’re in the bath, personally I’m more of a shower person but eventually I’ll get round to trialing that out. They also kindly included a candle which by the way, I’m utterly obsessed with, I’ve had it burning every night since they gifted it to me, and the smell is just so pleasant, its from a brand called, @pretageek which are a vegan friendly scottish brand specialising in eco friendly candles. If you’re interested in knowing the scent of my candle it’s called ‘Nerioli’ and honestly, it’s so peng, I’ll definitely be purchasing a second when this one runs out! And lastly they gifted me 20 Nakd bars, in an assortment of flavours, personally my favourite is the blueberry one, it tastes like a blueberry flavoured starburst, so tasty. I love these for a quick snack, they’re quite sweet and definitely cure your sugar cravings!



This week I was contacted by TheFaceTonic which is a brand new facial salon based in Bishops Stortford. I booked in with Kat to experience the ‘Tailored facial and facial massage‘ to brighten up Blue Monday.

My treatment included the following:

– Double cleanse – Skin analysis – Steam – Extractions – Exfoliate – Enzyme peel – Mask – Massage – Tone, moisturise, SPF

And the benefits were:

– Brighter skin – Increased hydration levels – Plumper, fuller, more youthful and radiant skin – Relaxing treatment

How long was the facial?

It lasted one hour and its recommended that you have one every 4 weeks.

How much is it?

The treatment costs £55.

I absolutely loved my facial, especially the icy globes she glided all over my skin during the treatment, the sensation is so satisfying, I’ll definitely be buying my own, I was obsessed. Also the mask she pours all over your face, including over the eyes, was such a weird yet pleasure experience and strangely quite relaxing? She offers loads of treatments such as Microneedling, Dermaplaning and even the Million Dollar Facial to name a few but definitely look on her website for more information. She is going to be the new human I go to for all my facial needs so keep an eye on my future posts as I’ll be reviewing some of the treatments!



Such a random section of the blog but I thought I’d let you all know about my thoughts on the new KFC vegan burger and I can honestly say, it was so delicious. The only thing I would say is it’s slightly dry, I added extra unvegan mayo to make it less dry but other than that, it was really good. I’d definitely order it again, especially on a hangover!

Another snack I’ve became obsessed with this month is frozen mango pieces, you can get them from the frozen isle in most supermarkets, their main purpose is to make smoothies with, which I’ve also done, but I actually eat these cubes as a snack. They are so delicious and the fact they’re super frozen makes it even more satisfying. Obviously if you have sensitive teeth then they’re not ideal to bite into but it saves cutting up a mango yourself!


I have two empties this month and the first is the Elemis Day cream which I completely fell in love with. I’m quite fussy when it comes to moisturisers but this one just worked for me, I will definitely be purchasing again. The product absorbed instantly into my skin leaving it feeling super soft without leaving that tacky feeling which is a big nono for me. I’m now super keen to try a few more of their products considering I used the entirety of the bottle! I’d be interested in trying their Cleansing balm, their facial wash and their night cream as they all look super fabulous.

And my second empty is the Tanologist Instant Tan. I was using the same instant tan since I was 16 and unfortunately they discontinued it, how dare they! But fortunately for me I came across this brand new company called Tanologist where they’ve answered my prayers and created a perfect instant tan which doesn’t transfer, easily blends and the colour pay off is super dark, so well-done you! I really recommend this instant tan, the consistency is quite foundation like so it almost acts like a body foundation (which I love as it hides imperfections) and its non-sticky formula is a godsend.


If you’ve made it this far then well-done, I know there was a lot of things to share with you all but I wanted to share everything. I’d also like to say a huge thank you for those who gifted me, I very much appreciate it 🙂 And thank you for reading.



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