My friend and I fancied a little catch up after work and I had noticed on a shoot the other day that there was another Tonight Josephine venue in Hoxton Square (I thought they only had one venue) so we booked a table and went for afterwork drinks for a catch up over a few cocktails and it gave us a chance to have a little mid-week dress up. Tonight Josephine is one of the most girly, Instagrammable cocktail bars in London. If you’ve never been before then expect a girls night out vibe, lots of pink and sparkle, the most gorgeous tasting cocktails plus lots of Instagrammable backdrops ensuring you get that cute lil Insta pic, it’s honestly so so cute!


‘Joséphine knew what she wanted, she made her own rules and didn’t give a damn what anyone thought. She started as a nobody but with sass, hustle and a little bit of luck, she became the Empress of the French.’


39A Hoxton Square, London N1 6NN


We went at 7pm on a Thursday evening.


Average cocktail price ranges from £9-£14.



I absolutely love Tonight Josephine venues, they are the epitome of girly and I absolutely love the design and concept of the brand as a whole and if you don’t already follow them on Instagram then you need to as it’s one of my favourite accounts to follow. When you enter a Tonight Josephine venue then be prepared to hear all the favourite girly sing-a-long songs, every song that comes on is super girly and you’re bound to know all the words – it’s such a fun vibe in there, you’ll love it! Considering the venue is the most girly, instagrammable cocktail bar I’ve seen, I do feel they could do so much more with their brand to increase it’s awareness. I know they host a lot of brand launches in the Waterloo venue but I personally think they should expand and start doing themed brunches – if they did brunches I just know they’d be a girls favourite especially in their Shoreditch venue. I have seen places like Duo London put on a mean girls themed brunch and being in this whole ‘instagrammable’ generation, I just know how popular a themed brunch would be at this venue so that’s something to think about in the future (please do one).


Dress Code

Being in Shoreditch, I wouldn’t say it’s overly dressy and especially not on a weekday but if you were to wear a fancy outfit, you wouldn’t be out of place. My friend and I went for a jeans and a cute top kind of vibe and of course wore heels but there were lots of people in there dressed quite casually so it’s up to you how you’re feeling!



One of my pet hates is when you see a cocktail menu with all these different drinks which you’ve never tried and you have to take a gamble on whether you’ll like it or not. You don’t really have that issue when it comes to their cocktail menu, pretty much all the drinks we ordered we loved, especially their cocktail, No Time For Napoleon, it was a mix of Vermouth, Lychee Liquer, fresh lemon juice, cranberry juice, peach and a cute little decorate macaroon on top (I deffo recommend you try this one first).

No Time For Napoleon


Perfect For

I’d go here for pre-drinks before a girls night out!


PIT: The toilet wasn’t as cool as the Waterloo venue.

PEAK: No Time For Napoleon cocktail was absolutely delicious!

Thank you so much to Tonight Josephine for spoiling us with our cocktails all evening, we had a lovely time and we will definitely be back soon!

Thanks for reading,


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