If you’re a shopaholic who constantly utters the phrase, I have loads of clothes but nothing to wear then hopefully this post will help you to be more aware of your spending habits and hopefully encourage a new way of shopping. When it comes to online shopping instead of buying all the items that visually you’re obsessed with, be more vigilant in what you choose to purchase otherwise you’ll always end up with a ton of clothes but nothing to wear. I used to have this problem with shoes, I’d see a pair of bright pink fluffy high heels in the sale and fall in love and buy them. Then months go past and I’ve still not got around to wearing them. That’s because I bought them on impulse without having a single idea of what I was going to wear them with and more importantly where I’d even wear them to?

So for all of those impulsive buys you’ve made in the past, those shoes you’ve never got around to wearing, those sale dresses that you didn’t really love but bought because of the appealing price tag, and those outrageous fashion items you’d never wear again, there’s now there’s a service that can basically give you cash in exchange for your clothes. That means, no hassle of ebaying them, no listing them on depop doing a full days admin trying to argue with someone asking to buy your shoes for £1 including postage, none of that, a lady simply comes to your house, goes through your bag of stuff and buys the items she wants straight off you – no stress. Honestly it was the easiest £165 I’ve ever made so not only did I manage to get rid of a pile of clothes that I was too lazy to ebay I got to refill my wardrobe with new items from the money I made – what a perfect idea.

I feel like your style and what you wear helps you to showcase your individuality and it plays a huge part in how you express yourself. Styling is definitely a huge passion of mine and seeing looks that you’ve envisaged come to life gives me so much pleasure. In regards to my personal style, I would describe it as, simple with a girly twist. I am drawn to girly pieces, anything with frills, ruffles, fringing or any pieces that you’d typically describe as ‘cute’ then that’s me all over. So for me I am always shopping, being a blogger as well I’m constantly being sent clothes and my wardrobe can get overwhelming at times. I kinda have this rule that I can’t buy any more clothes until I’ve gotten rid of all the items that I simply will not wear again and @cashinyourcloset helps me to do this. This way, you’re kind of always swapping out your wardrobe and using the money towards new items.


My wardrobe:

Typically my wardrobe consists of capsule pieces & wear-once items:

Capsule: These are the items that can be interchanged with almost everything that you own and can be re-worn a zillion times without them being overly memorable. I try to choose pieces that I know I can create multiple looks out of because we’ve all experienced having loads of clothes but nothing to wear – so by buying more wearable pieces helps me to feel like I’ve always got a new outfit. For example, Ripped jeans would be an item I’d keep and re-wear in a billion different ways because they are plain items that you can dress up, dress down and make loads of different looks out of.  I do most of my shopping online and I’m very meticulous in what ends up in my basket. I try not to buy too many of the same in-trend items as it’s likely to go out of fashion the next month and then I’m left with a load of items that’ll end up in the wear-once pile. I’ll buy a few on trend pieces to keep up to date but overall choosing pieces that I know will be easy to re-style and items that’ll never go out of fashion, eg. a faux fur coat.

Wear-once: Usually my wear-once items will consist of instantly recognisable pieces that I would struggle to wear again in a different style. For example, a bright pink ruffle dress, I’d find it hard to re-style it in a different way so it would end up in the wear-once pile which I then end up selling.

How to save money on wear-once only items:

I went to a bar recently and I wanted to wear black jeans with a bright coloured top as I had worn a lot of all black looks recently and wanted a little pop of colour to brighten my insta feed (doing it for the gram) plus I wanted an outfit to compliment the venue as I was writing a blog on it. I knew I’d be choosing a wear-once item so for the first time ever, I ordered a pre-owned item. (I wouldn’t do this if I was buying capsule items but knowing this piece was gonna end up right in the selling pile, I thought why the hell not). I’m not going to lie, I felt a bit apprehensive buying a strangers top but it’s no different from borrowing from a friend and I’ve always sold everything I wear so I thought I might as well try it. I can’t lie, there was a few downsides to ordering off an app, one being the arrival time, my item took 6 days to arrive which if you were ordering offline you’d ideally get it the next day. Secondly, just make sure you won’t want to wear the item right away as this top came and it was hand-wash only and not tumble-drier compatible meaning it was unwearable until I had to last minute hand-wash it and blow-dry it before I went out. And thirdly you have to be sure that you know it’ll fit as there’s no returns so if you buy it and it doesn’t fit then you’re stuck with the item. As long as you bare those three things in mind then the overall experience was a pleasant one. I paid £7 in total for a £35 top, bargain!


So this is a bit of a different post for me but I thought I’d let you in on how I end up choosing my clothing items and hopefully it’ll help you be more conscious of getting more out of your wardrobe. I always get told I have tons of clothes but I just re-style them so it looks different and that will ensure you’ll never be stuck for an outfit again! Also by buying pre-owned items it’ll also help you to stay on trend in an affordable way helping you to save your pennies for the re-wearable items instead!

Thanks so much for reading,


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