I’m so bored of Instagram recently, I feel like you know when you tell your mum that somethings your favourite dinner and then every single week she makes it because you said you lavvved it, well that’s how I feel about Instagram. I feel like there’s a banging recipe and then all of a sudden everyone makes the same banging recipe and then that’s all we’re seeing for the next god knows how long until a new recipe gets made. And although the food tastes absolutely banging sometimes I just want to try a new flavour, do you know what I mean? Sometimes I feel like I’m just scrolling aimlessly through instagram hoping to feel inspired by something different, trying to find new flavours and then I come across this instagram and I was like seriously obsessing over it! That Instagram account belongs to @Nicolerusssell and if you don’t follow her, then you need to!! Her Instagram literally is my most favourite style account that I’m dying over at the moment and seriously I have outfit envy every time she uploads a new photo, she gives me lifeeeee.

STYLE 1 : The Blazer

Girl knows how to pull off a blazer and make it look so effortlessly chic but yet super girly, here are my favourite blazer looks that shes pulled off.


STYLE 2: The Printed Tee

I’m a huge fan of a printed tshirt look, I usually get mine from Zara or Bershka so if you’re feeling this vibe then have a look on there, you’re bound to find something cool. I love a tshirt vibe because you can dress it up or down depending on the occasion and it’s a very easy go-to style. Nicole certainly knows how to pull this kinda look off, making her look like an instagrammable chick off pinterest, so stylist, LOVE IT.




STYLE 3: The Frilly Dress

If you’re  gonna see anything on Nicole’s instagram it’s her love for frilly cute white/cream dresses, this is one of her go-to favourite styles so be expecting a lot of this look on her feed. You can definitely tell she has a particular style and I think the way she dresses really suits her.


So there we have it, my favourite insta-inspo at the moment. I’m a big big fan of personal style and these types of accounts are my most favourite to follow because I can relate to their looks so much and it inspires me! These outfits are so wearable and not just taken for an insta pic and that’s why I’m so drawn to Nicole’s account, so keep it up gurrrrl, I’m your biggest fan right now.

Thanks so much for reading,


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