So this week I was kindly gifted a new beauty box subscription called Latest in Beauty and it’s one of my favourite subscription services for the main reason that you get to choose what goes into your box! The majority of subscription services are a surprise but I love this one as I can choose exactly what I’m getting and it’s still as exciting.

So how it works is, you choose which subscription you’d like to purchase, you can choose from the following..

3 products per month: £9 (one off £16)

6 products per month: £15 (one off £22)

9 products per month: £18 (one off £25)

Or if you don’t want to be held down to a monthly payment but you still want to treat yourself then you can choose a one off payment which is slightly more expensive and also bare in mind that they’ll charge you postage and packaging on top too whereas if you buy a subscription it’s free!

So I went for the one off box which if I were to purchase it would have cost me £22. You get to choose from 115 items and each one you click on will bring up a little information about the product. In my box I could choose 6 items so I went for:

1. Garnier Milky Micellar Water

The reason I chose this is because I’m quite familiar with Garnier and their Micellar waters. My personal favourite is the original and it’s one I repetitively buy as it gets off all my makeup and leaves my face feeling super clean. I’ve tried the oil-infused one which personally I couldn’t get to grips with the smell, it wasn’t for me and also I’ve tried their 2-1 eye makeup remover too, which I love, so I thought why not try this version too! These bottles last absolutely ages so it’s deffo worth investing in a large sized one.

2. Aloe Vera Soap Bar

So recently I’ve had a right nightmare with my skin, it’s not cooperating with me, not sure what’s going on but everyone always suggests getting teatree based products as it’s really good for calming problematic skin and aiding it’s recovery process so I thought I’d choose this product and see if it helps in any way. It’s also quite a large sized soap bar which I can imagine will last me ages too.

3. Ecooking Cleansing Gel

Now I have to clean my face in the shower with a specific facial cleanser as I always have traces of makeup left on my skin so I find gel cleansers are the best at giving your face a proper deep clean. Now the thing that stood out to me was that this cleanser was for normal to oily skin which I have, plus it contains Aloe vera which is another ingredient known to calm and sooth the skin so I thought this product would be amazing. I tried and tested it in the shower and I really have nothing bad to say about this product, it foams up really well making you feel it’s grabbing all traces of dirt and oil and I’m also impressed with it’s fresh cucumber scent making it feel super clean!

4. Bull Dog Facial Oil for Men

So I’m not reviewing this product however I picked it out because it would be great as a stocking filler present! I always start my Christmas shopping earlier in the year so that it’s all done and I can enjoy the festivities around Christmas without having to last minute panic. Also last year, I bought two one off boxes from Latest in Beauty and used the products for my stocking fillers as there was so many amazing products from amazing brands which I thought was a brilliant idea, instead of having to go traipsing through the town buying a zillion products! So this definitely saves a lot of time, money and hassle.

5. The Sanctuary Exfoliating Salt

I am a big fan of exfoliating my legs in particular as there’s nothing better than having silky smooth soft legs so I was really excited to try this product. I’ve heard lots of good things about Sanctuary products but I can’t lie, I was quite disappointed in this product. On first impressions it smelt pleasant, wasn’t overly mouth-watering but it was nice, it also foamed up quite well too and obviously scrubbing the salt into my skin felt amazing (honestly you should try exfoliating!). However the aftermath I wasn’t too impressed with, I didn’t like the greasy-oily film that was left on my legs afterwards. My legs did feel rather soft yes, but also quite greasy so I personally wouldn’t purchase this product full sized.

6. Cubid CBD oil

I’ve heard lots about CBD oil and I’ve been keen to try these kind of products as I experience bouts of anxiety so anything that can aid my symptoms is worth trying. I tried the natural flavour one yesterday, you basically drop it underneath your tongue, wait 20/30 seconds then swallow – that way it can absorb into your body quicker I believe. It wasn’t necessarily the nicest tasting of products, it just tasted like I had a mouth full of oil however it wasn’t the worst thing in the world. I can’t say I’ve noticed much difference as of yet but apparently using these frequently before bed time can promote a healthy nights sleep, so I’m going to test that theory out tonight!


Now I absolutely love this subscription service for the main reason that I mentioned above, being that you can choose exactly what’s in your box so if you’re not a fan of surprises then this is an amazing choice for you. I also think not only do these boxes make great gifts, they’re also amazing to buy and separate the products for example Christmas Stockings which is what I use them for!

If you’d like to subscribe then click here

Thanks so much for gifting me this box and thank you to you lovely lot for reading,


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