So last week I went to the Savoy Theatre in London to see the musical 9-5. I’ve seen so much advertised about it and although I only knew one song ‘9-5’, I heard so many great things about the performance so I took myself off to the theatre to see what all the fuss was about. Just as a little warning, the seating above the dress circle, I wouldn’t recommend you get tickets there because it takes away the magic from the experience as you’re too far away and the view is quite restricted. Fortunately, we sat in the dress circle which was perfect as we were sat directly in the middle and got an amazing view of the whole show.


There were moments in the show that really resonated with me, there’s a particular part in the storyline where one of the women gets judged on her appearance, and I too feel the same. I feel like because I’m a girly girl, who loves to wear makeup, put on a cute outfit and beautify myself shouldn’t effect the way I’m portrayed. ‘Don’t let these false lashes fool you into thinking that I’m as shallow as I look, cause I run true and deep’ – Dolly Parton. I really related to that, I can be judged for taking care of my appearance and taking photos for instagram, but there is more to me than looking pretty. I personally believe I have a beautiful soul and I agree that your perception of me is a reflection of you. At the end of the day, people try to expose what’s wrong with you because they can’t handle what’s right about you.

‘I can tell a lot about a person by what they choose to see in me’.

Another part of the storyline is based around giving love a chance, whether they’re too short, too old, younger than you, whether they’re not your usual type, fighting against it will only make the urge seem stronger. There was a character in the show who was resisting the urge to get with a younger guy, and again, this resonated with me. I’ve often used the excuse that someone’s age is the be all and end all but if the chemistry is there, what exactly are you fighting? You’re fighting against society and it’s rules telling us that it’s a taboo to date younger, that we’re called cougars and they’re our toyboys but I don’t see a problem with it, feelings are feelings, just roll with it!


To be honest, I really wasn’t expecting to enjoy the film as much as I did, I felt goosebumps all throughout the performance and I loved the use of humour too, it wasn’t cheesy and I thought it was really cleverly written. This show is a proper feel-good experience and I’d definitely recommend you book tickets to go and see it, honestly, you’d love it. You could plan a little girly night out or they’d make great presents for Christmas or birthdays if you’re stuck on what to buy. Tickets aren’t hugely expensive (around the £40 mark for good seats) and then I suggest you bring about £30 each for refreshments as it works out about (£20 per round), yeah, very expensive haha!


Thanks so much for reading,


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