When your love interest gets a new girl, how many of you have sat there and compared yourselves to them? How many of you have sat there scrolling through their photos back to the year 2000? Is she prettier than me? Does she have a better body than me? Is she funnier? And as I get older, I would be yelling at me when I was 20 saying who the hell cares?! They are not you, they can never be you and why on earth would you want to be anyone else? You’re amazing.

How many of you have compared yourself to another person on social media? How many of you have felt insecure? Inadequate? Not enough? Less than? How many of you have felt anxious? Rejected? Unworthy? All because of comparison? You can overanalyse all you like, you can compare yourself 24/7, you can obsess, overthink and let these crazy thoughts consume your life but I can assure you now, it’s a complete waste of energy, a total waste of time.

Reflecting back to times when I would sit there and be like, but whyyyyy? Why her? WHYYYYY? And I would genuinely beat myself up about it, plan a hundred surgeries, plan to do a huge glow up, a revenge body, the lot and in the end, you have to realise none of these things will get a man back, you can cook his dinner in diamond oil and do backflips on his dick but that isn’t going to change how you feel about yourself. You need to stop desperately seeking their validation by obsessively caring over their opinion because there is more to life than trying to match up to someones expectations. Stop being defined by what others think of you. You are enough, just the way you are. And altering your personality, your looks or trying to conform to an idealistic version of yourself that you think they’d approve of is just robbing you from your happiness.

My advice to you is to stop insta-stalking your ex, from experience it actually prevents you from moving on and actually keeps you in the past which is not helping you to move on from the situation. You need to heal and you cannot do that by being consumed by someone else.

The less you care, the happier you’ll be.

Thanks so much for reading,



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