So last night I went to the Everyman Cinema in Chelmsford as I have never been and thought it would be good to try out a different place and I thought I’d let you all in on my experience.


So when you first get there, it doesn’t look at all like a cinema, it looks like a hotel reception desk, proper wasn’t what I was expecting to see. The guy however on the front desk was really lovely, but unless you’ve been before, you’ll be walking about the place like it’s your first day of high school, very confusing. As a first time customer I thought the guy who served us our tickets would have been a little bit more informative about where everything was but we worked it out for ourselves. I mean it’s not rocket science but you’d have thought it would have at least been signposted. We walked down a few flights of stairs to find a seating area and a bar area which we assumed is where you buy your treats for the film (it was).


So anyway, forget Tango Ice Blasts, Ben and Jerry’s and Nachos (basically the only reason I go to the cinema), this cinema menu, yes menu was very different to one you’d usually expect to find at a cinema. Firstly you have to go to the bar to order your food and drink, which is cute and then they deliver it to your table, which is even cuter. Saying that, there wasn’t a huge deal to choose from regarding confectionery, there were about 5 pots to choose from and you couldn’t mix and match, we ended up choosing the milk chocolate buttons which cost £3.90 for a little tub which tasted like gone off Easter egg chocolate, you know the really cheap chocolate that you get, awful! Then we ordered some pizzas, which weren’t necessarily inedible but they were ok, nothing too indulgent or tantalizing for the taste-buds but it did the job. On top of that we ordered a chocolate milkshake for £5.25 which again was not worth the money, and if I’m honest, a chocolate yazoo for £1 would have been far nicer but it is what it is. Oh but it wasn’t all bad, they also serve alcohol so I ordered a large glass of Sauvignon wine, which I can lie, it was delicious.



So the seating looks super cute, but be fooled because I was so uncomfortable the whole film through. They are like little mini sofas so you think aww this is cute for couples so you can whack your arm around your girl kinda vibe but nah not gonna lie, it was totally uncomfortable. You’ve got nowhere to put your feet and if you’re anything like me then you’ll be all restless changing positions every 5 mins.


The Film

So the film we saw was called ‘Angel has Fallen’ starring Gerrard Butler and Morgan Freeman, obviously the films going to be a good one if it’s staring these two actors but I had to ask my followers their opinion whether it was worth the watch or not and they all said it was brilliant and I completely agree. I’m gonna be honest, I’m usually the worst film chooser ever which is fine if you’re at home or even better when you’re netflix and chilling because lets face it, it never gets watched anyways..but in all seriousness, the film was definitely worth seeing and it was full of entertainment and even some parts were comical which I wasn’t expecting. I would also add that sometimes these political films can lose me half way through but the plot was really easy to follow and I really enjoyed it so add that to your list of films to see because you won’t be disappointed.



In my opinion for a very pricey cinema costing around £70 for two people (£15 per ticket and the food) the experience was not worth the price and anyway, why would you ever want go to a cinema that doesn’t sell Tango Ice Blasts….

Thanks for reading as always,


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