I saw a retweeted tweet today from @patwilsondj which was from a guy who said and I quote ‘A date can be £10. The point of a date is to enjoy each other’s company. Everyone’s so materialistic & need something for Instagram’@JonathanFowle10. And it instantly made me think YESSSSSSSSSSSS! That is literally it. So I wrote a post on it. Thanks guys for the inspo.

The world of dating is a funny place. I’m actually made to feel somewhat embarrassed in admitting that I care about the company rather than the date and the expense of it but the world is so judgey. If a guy suggested meeting me whether or not it’s for a coffee or a dinner then I’m agreeing solely because I want to get to know the person to see whether or not I’m romantically interested in them. I agree to the date because of the person not because of the place. I have been on coffee dates where I’ve known enough to know whether or not I’ll see him again and that’s got nothing to do with whatever I ate or drank. In fact that hasn’t come into it at all. Did he make me laugh? Was he rude to the staff? Did the conversation flow? Does he have good energy? Is he attentive? Was he late? You know the usual.

We need to drop the whole stigma that comes with the more expensive the place the more they value you – that’s absolutely not true. You could have all the money in the world and go on the most fancy first date in the world but really what comes down to it is how that person made you feel. My take on it is, you get to know the person, whether that’s round their house (try keep it PG though huns), a coffee, a drive to get some doughnuts, whatever. You’re feeling out the person to see whether or not you’d wanna date them more seriously and if not then you’ve saved time, money and a whole lot of hassle for nothing. Then once it’s a thing then feel free to do the extravagant things but do it because you want to not because you feel obliged to. Listen it’s the thought/effort/idea that wins someone over not the fact they’ve whipped out £500 for a dinner. Some overly expensive restaurants are just another Nando’s to someone who is accustomed to that lifestyle so it doesn’t mean they value or respect you more because of the chosen place.

I asked my followers today this question and recorded a few of their answers to see if they were on the same vibe as me and this is what it showed…

‘A date can be £10. The point of a date is to enjoy each others company. It doesn’t need to be a photo opportunity for instagram’ – AGREE/DISAGREE? DISCUSS/THOUGHTS!’

Firstly. 100% of the respondents all agreed to the statement. I’m going to share with you my favourite respondents, most of the answers were ‘agree’ or ‘100000% agree’ so I’ll record some of the texty ones…

  1. ‘Agree, depending on how many times you’ve seen each other but especially at the start. Yes you want to impress but the main point is getting to know the person. Spoil that b*tch once she deserves to be spoilt’
  2. ‘Agree to an extent. Dating is hard as you have to date 635373 morons to get one normal human. So yeah, start at £10 then impress me boo’
  3. ‘Agree. I’ve never been out on many dates. Only really with boyfriends and it’s the nights sitting in watching a film that I enjoy the most. I think it’s important to go out every once in a while but you need to keep that kind of thing novel and exciting. Besides, who can be bothered to go out every weekend? Especially now Dancing on Ice has started ??’
  4. ‘A picnic in a nice park or by a nice river would be cute AF and would be about £10’
  5. ‘Agree 100000%, spending money isn’t a necessity to have a good time. I would actually much prefer someone saying let’s go grab a coffee and go and Star gaze (sad I know) but it’s about being in the moment with the right person not making sure everyone else in the world thinks you’re having a good time when really the best thing about the date is the meal or whatever that’s cost a lot of £££. It’s the small things in a relationship/when dating that really matter’
  6. ‘Agree! I wouldn’t even mind splitting the £10 date, company is everything and the way someone makes you feel, after all I think it’s nice knowing people have things to offer but don’t let them on too early, especially on the first date! I would love to get to know someone first before officially dating them anyway otherwise there’s no point’
  7. ‘Agree. As a girl I will always offer financial input into a date. Don’t see it fair just because someone has a d*ck that they need to pay loads of money?????’
  8. ‘AGREE! First date with my now soul mate was him cooking me dinner in his flat. He put in so much effort and little touches he had me straight away ??’
  9. ‘Totally agree, you’ll really get to know someone by a simple stripped back date. I LOVE going for long walks and countryside exploring’
  10. ‘10000% agree, it’s the thought that counts not the expense’

Thanks so much for reading,


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