1. Flotation Therapy

This was a brand new experience for me which was a bid to find some new anti-anxiety remedies and I loved it. If you’d like to know in more detail about my experience be sure to check out my review here.


2. Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk

Califia Farms Unsweetened Almond & Vanilla Drink 750Ml

So if you don’t know already I’m intolerant to dairy but I love a cuppa. So I love experimenting with different non-dairy alternatives. I usually stick to coconut milk or hazelnut milk but they’ve become a tad boring. I was round my friend Megan’s the other evening and she made me a tea with this almond milk and it was a literal game changer, so thanks Meg for introducing it to me. I got mine from Sainsbury’s and it was £2!

3. Why men love bitches

Image result for why men love bitches

The name of the book instantly gets people riled up but honestly this book is a brilliant read. If you’re having a hard time with a guy or you feel like you’re way too nice and keep getting treated like a doormat this book is perfect for you. It encourages you to put yourself and your own needs first and most importantly teaches you how to respect yourself. They say if you constantly put up with bad behaviour that you’re not respecting your own boundaries and that’s so important in relationships. This isn’t an anti-Ihatemen book, it’s more about being independent and not making guys the center of your universe. I bought mine on Amazon and I also bought the second book which follows it which is called ‘Why men marry bitches’, that’s also a brilliant read so if you enjoy the first one then definitely invest in the second.

4. Sienna Radiance Body Balm

Image result for sienna radiance body balm

I was kindly gifted the whole range from Sienna fake tan last Christmas and over the past 6 months I’ve been obsessed with their radiance body balm. Honestly it’s the best all over body moisturiser I’ve used in years. And yes, if it runs out I would definitely re-purchase a bottle – it’s unreal. I love this product because it has a non-greasy formula, it keeps my skin glowing, hydrated and super super silky with its almond oil, shea butter and vitamin E ingredients. Also another reason it’s my favourite is it has a pump which means you can distribute the right amount of product without it being wasted.

5. @Brentwood_Lash_Room


I had my lashes done over one month ago and they are the most long-lasting lashes I’ve had! And in that month, I’ve been on holiday for 8 of those days, in and out of the swimming pool, showering twice a day, been in the sea, been in a flotation tank, the list is endless for the amount these lashes have gone through – surprised I have any left. My bestie Reece recommended me to her and she’s honestly so unreal. Lash extension up-keep can work out so expensive especially if you have to go every two weeks, not everyone has disposable income like that so for me this lash artist is a very good recommendation for those who want the most out of their sets!

6. @M_Salons


This is a Bishops Stortford based salon and they are the colour specialists behind my hair selfies. This salon have been taking care of my hair colour for the past four months now and they literally smash it every single time. My hair has never looked and felt better and I feel like you only ever hear about hair horror stories but not with this salon. They can correct your badly done do’s and transform dull, lifeless hair into catwalk ready hair in a matter of hours. They are all super talented and I couldn’t recommend them enough.

7. Quorn Chicken Nuggets

Image result for quorn chicken nuggets

I am devastated that I’ve not found out about these sooner? I can’t lie, it’s only recently that I’ve experimented with meat replacements as I duno maybe the idea freaked me out a bit. But wow, out of all the things I missed being a meat eater was chicken nuggets on a hangover and these ones taste EXACTLY like macdonalds chicken nuggets. I was soooo surprised I honestly was – so now I’ve found the perfect hangover treat and I’m gassssssed. Highly recommend. (I bought mine from Sainsburys for around £2).

8. Kali Clinic


The lady behind my laser. I rave about her so much over on my instagram because no hair is life and I’m so grateful that she is the one responsible for making me hair free. If you want to know anymore on my experience with laser, head on over to her instagram and watch her story highlights!

9. Tickle my keys Gelish


The absolute babes at Nail Harmony kindly gifted me a huge range of gelish products and included in my extremely generous bundle was this amazing pink shade. It’s my most favourite and most used gel colour. I haven’t even had a chance to try any of the other shades at the moment as this colour is stealing the lime light. Also if you’re looking for a normal polish then the Morgan Taylor collection on Nail Harmony website matches the gel colour and it’s also called, Tickle my keys!

10. Innocent Bolt from the Blue


I’m not going to lie, when getting a Tesco meal deal, I’ll either opt for an iced latte or a bottle of water but I was on twitter reading this massive thread on the way that Innocent Smoothie have marketed their new drink. That being, the drink is clearly green but they’ve stated that it’s a blue smoothie. I think it was a brilliant way of marketing the drink and it obviously worked as that’s the only reason I bought it. But I can clarify that it does actually taste peng so it wasn’t a waste.

Thanks for reading as always,




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