I thought I’d showcase to you my top most loved Instagram accounts to hopefully inspire you. I used to follow all the usual top influencers but recently I’ve found myself wanting to follow people that I can relate to more. Some of these accounts I see are totally un-relatable to me and I’m often sat there thinking, where the hell did you wear that to though? I love following accounts that I can relate to a little more and ones who showcase their own personal style – that’s my favourite kind of account to follow. I want to follow someone who inspires me not only style wise but as a person? Are they doing something different? Or are they just following the crowd? I’ve come up with my most favourite accounts that I gain the most inspiration from and accounts that I always have in my search bar. Hopefully you find this post interesting and find someone new to follow!

1. @Thetatamfamily

This account is fairly new but I literally can’t wait to see how much their account grows in the future. They are a proudly married same sex couple hoping to be parents and they’re bringing us all on their journey. Expect witty captions, IGTV videos and a whole lot of love and passion for what they believe in.


2. @Livblankson

One of my favourite style influencers for a long long time now. Her style posts are something else, she definitely knows how to dress! I gain so much inspiration scrolling through her aesthetically pleasing feed and I’m sure you will too. She tries out different angles, compositions, concepts, and showcases a mixture of her own personal style along with paid ads. She also has the cutest cat you’ll ever see (apart from mine) and I cannot cope with the cuteness overload when she features Sasha on her feed.


3. @Hollieevelyn

For all you mummy’s that follow me, this girl is your go-to-gal. Not only is she the sickest chef, she honestly creates the best food porn photos which’ll have your mouth-watering and on top of all that she’s a new mum blogger and hypnobirth teacher. Expect long truthful bare-all captions and lots of reviews and recommendations on all things food, mum and baby.


4. @Sidalxo

You’d think this girl is a blogger from her perfect little feed but she’s just a girl showcasing her personal style in real time and I’m living for it. These are the accounts I love following because their style is still personal and that’s what makes it so interesting, authenticity is the key! Expect lots of holiday content, the girl loves a holiday and she gets the casual-but-sassyAF look down to a T, teach me please?


5. @Fayebeautyx

As you probably know, I love anything to do with nails! I’m a little OCD when it comes to nails and I am extremely critical of nail technicians as there are so many out there that just don’t deliver that perfect insta-ready manicure, but judging from Faye’s gorgeous feed, she delivers! No overgrown cuticles, no dry fingers, no wonky cut nails, perfect upon perfect sets of gorgeously manicured nails. She is my most favourite nail account to follow at the moment and she even does nail art! She’s one of the best nail techs I’ve seen on instagram so if you’re into pretty nails then give her a follow.


6. @Loveraidofficial

There are so many shoe accounts out there and I’m bored of it! I’m bored of seeing the same types of shoe accounts imitating each other and there’s only so many shoe accounts I can follow – so make sure Raid Official is the one! They have a gorgeous feed which is airy and bright mixed with lifestyle shots, dreamy flatlays and the most gorgeous shoes you ever did see, they’re worth a follow for sure.


7. @Pixiebeauty

For someone who’s never tried a single product from their brand it’s weird how obsessed I am with their feed. If you enjoy looking through gorgeous feeds then this one is a good one to follow. Expect lots of interesting flat lays, lots of pretty colours, the best product packaging and beautiful flowers mixed in with their shots. Their photography skills are A1 and I love literally every single photo they upload! Kudos!


8. @Ellebelleattire

I’m gonna sound like the biggest weirdo but this account uploaded a photo of their shop on their story once and it was my background screensaver for literally a month. Their shop interior is GOALSSSSSSSSS which means their insta is also goals AF. They definitely need to come round my house and sort out my interior for my bedroom as everything in that shop is how I’d dream of having it. You know those kind of dreamy home accounts you see on pinterest, that’s what this shop looks like. So they are a fashion boutique and shoot all of their content in store and I LOVE IT! Why rely on influencers to create content for you if you can do it this good yourself? They’ve got the boutique instagram feed spot on and I’m a fan. Also you’re bound to find a good buy in there – they have so many pieces that I don’t see all the other boutiques stocking, so if you’re looking for some style inspo – this is the perfect account for you.


9. @Reecemmorgan

Often asked if he’s a makeup artist, he is not, but imagine if he was? He would killllllll it. He keeps his talent to himself and creates looks upon looks of perfectly contoured cheekbones, flawless skin, defined brows and a glossy plump pout, making him selfie-ready 24/7. Expect interesting, witty and off the cuff captions, huge sunnies and designer handbags galore. Not much one for story content but the feed bangs all on it’s own, so if you love a sassy feed then this one will deliver just that.


10. @Cultured.trash_

I love pinterest, I spend most of my time on there and I love looking through all of their 90’s inspired content so this account is very much me. I love the different range of content on this account, close ups, details shots and the whole feed has a very sensual, sexy feel to it. Not one to post herself much but when she does I am here for itttt.


11. @Spincityvisuals

This feed is owned by very very talented photographer and videographer Lewis. The whole feed has the exact same aesthetic and it’s honestly so dreamy. I love the concepts of all the images and I think he is super talented at what he does. Although most of his feed are of places, objects and things, it’ll definitely inspire you.


So there we have it, my most favourite accounts on the gram right now. Even though they are all completely different from one another, I gain inspiration from each and every account on here and I’m sure there’s at least one new person that you might be interested in!

Thanks so much for reading,


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