So for the past month or so, my anxiety has been creeping up on me, probably something to do with mercury retrograde but whatever it is, it’s not been nice. I’ve felt a bit down but with no specific trigger so I wanted to try out some new anti-anxiety experiences to see if they had any effect on my symptoms. I’ve done the usual like stay away from junk food, switch to decaf lattes and increase my exercise etc. Along with listening to motivational spotify playlists and reading the odd self-help book here and there, but I wanted to explore other options that maybe you’d never heard of to see if they help at all. In this post I’m going to share with you all my experience on flotation therapy so keep reading to find out all about it..


What made you book in to have flotation therapy?

To be honest, my friend and I were speaking about feeling anxious and we wanted to explore different relaxation techniques as we were both feeling a bit tense and good old instagram was obviously listening in on our conversation and popped up with an ad for @float_uk. We all know our phones are listening to us so on this occasion I’m happy as it introduced me to a brand new experience which I absolutely loved! I’ve never actually heard of this experience until now so I actually knew nothing about it before booking, all I knew was that google had said it’s amazing for relieving symptoms of anxiety so I was instantly interested.

How much is a session?

Ok so prices start from £35-£105 but they are currently running a summer sale which offers you 30% off a float experience. The sale will run until September 2nd but you don’t have to use it straight away – you will have up to one year to use your floats so deffo take advantage of the offer.

Which session did you book in for?

I booked in for the full hour session but I think 30 mins is a perfect amount of time to float!

Did you have your own room or are you with other people?

Ok so basically you have your own room with a lock (for privacy) and inside the room you’ll have your own shower, flotation tank plus shampoo, shower gel, conditioner, flannel, towels, earplugs (for ultra silence), vaseline to cover any cuts or abrasions on the skin (the salt can hurt it, but equally amazing for it) and a little float which your head can rest on in the tank.


What do you have to do when you’re in there?

So basically, you go into your private room, have a shower before you get into the tank, then the tank starts filling up with water, you get in like normal, and close the lid as you get in, then lie down as if you’re in a bath and let the salt do it’s thing!

Do you feel claustrophobic? It sounds really confined?

Absolutely not one bit. Not going to lie this was my first thought when booking, I thought I’d end up freaking out, but it’s so spacious inside and the lid doesn’t have to fully close if you don’t want it to. It just feels like you’re in the bath with a roof, except it’s virtually impossible to drown in there as there is so much salt in the tank that you just float around.


Do you have to really concentrate to float?

No, I tried many positions to try and sink to see if it works and it just doesn’t, you just spring back up, it’s amazing.

Do you have to bring in swimming costumes or do you go in naked?

I assumed you’d have to wear a costume however they recommend you go in naked to get the full benefit of the Eptom salt.

Are you in total darkness or is there some lighting?

So when you’re in there you can control the lighting yourself from inside the tank, there’s this huge squidgy button which even in pitch darkness you can still navigate to adjust, you have an option of lights or full darkness. I opted for a mixture of both.

Is there music in there or complete silence?

For the first and last 5 minutes they play relaxation music which if I knew I would have opted to have it on for the full hour however I didn’t realise, so 50 minutes I was in complete silence. I’d have probably preferred music all the way through but it’s all down personal preference, just make sure you let them know before hand so they can control it from downstairs before you start.

Can you do it if you’re pregnant?

Yes, especially for the third trimester. In fact they recommend it and also, because the tanks are so silent apparently you can hear your baby’s heartbeat – how amazing is that.

What is the tank filled with?

So the tank is filled with water which is at body temperature and Epsom salt (a whole ton per tank!).

Why Epsom salt?

People use Epsom salt to detox, apparently it promotes relaxation, pain relief and of course it makes your skin feel super super silky afterwards.

Why float? What’s it for?

So basically your body’s magnesium and sulfate levels will increase and doing so will help to calm your nervous system which will enhance your body’s ability to heal. Also because your body is so relaxed it helps to reduce your cortisol levels which control your stress.

Did you actually float though?

Literally floated for an hour.

What if you get salt in your eyes/mouth then what?

So inside the tank there’s a bottle of water which has a squirt feature so you can rinse your face off easily if that happens.

How did you feel afterwards?

I know for a fact I’m going to have the best nights sleep – I feel so relaxed it’s so weird how it can have this effect on you? It 100% felt like a spa treatment and I would completely recommend it and I would deffo do it again if I was feeling super stressed. I also felt as if I’d had a meditation session – afterwards my thinking felt clearer and I actually felt really inspired and motivated. Also I feel like after your session you weirdly feel like you’re more in the present if that makes any sense?

Do they have any hairdryers in there or do you bring your own?

You literally don’t need to bring anything other than yourselves, they provide deodorant, face wipes, moisturiser, hairbrushes, straighteners and hairdryers in the little vanity room downstairs.


How do you feel and would you recommend?

It’s such an amazing experience and I feel like everyone should try it at least once. Especially if you find it hard to relax or get a minute to yourself. It’s so relaxing – it’s just like you’re lying in a hot bath except you ain’t getting disturbed every 5 mins – you’ll absolutely love it.

 Where is it based? And does it have parking?

It’s in Hertford however if you type in ‘Float UK’ into your satnav it will get you there no problem. Also there is parking directly outside the venue.

Where can I book?




I’d just like to say a massive thank you to @float_uk for kindly gifting me this experience and as you all know, all opinions written in this post are completely my own.

Thanks so much for reading,




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