So a couple of weeks ago I was kindly gifted a hair oil treatment and I’m not going to lie, the words ‘hair oil’ straight away made me skeptical. Before accepting the gift I popped the product into my group chat to which all the girls were saying how amazing it was and that even I would like it which is saying something as I’m not really much of a hair product kinda gal. The reason being, I am just so scared of oils as my hair can get greasy enough without the help of added products so I tend to steer clear from anything with the word oil. HOWEVER, this product which I’ll get to the name of in a minute, has a NON-GREASY formula which obviously caught my attention for that reason only. Feeling super anxious about ruining my perfect blowdry I thought I would give it ago, literally begrudgingly applying it on camera expecting it to ruin my blowdry however to my surprise, my hair didn’t feel greasy in the slightest. In fact I went out that night after applying the products through the ends of my hair and I’ll be honest, I was a little bit wowed. Now the great thing about this product is that you don’t need to wash it out, you can run the treatment through the ends of your hair and style as usual and your hair isn’t left with that oily, sticky residue after. If you want a more intense treatment then of course, apply a generous amount to the ends of the hair, pop it in a plait and then sleep in it and rinse it off in the morning – my friend did this and she said her hair has never felt silkier so that’s next on the list for meIMG_5015.JPGThis product appealed to me more than usual as I’ve gone blonder for the summer so I’m slightly more conscious in looking after the condition of my hair as I want to ensure that it’s in as best condition possible for my future appointments so here are the added benefits of what this product can do for you..

  1. It acts as heat and UV protection
  2. It smooths, softens and hydrates your hair
  3. It has an anti-frizz formula
  4. Perfect for de-tangling hair
  5. Smells amazing
  6. Perfect for all hair types as the product doesn’t weigh heavy on the hair
  7. Suitable for hair extension wearers
  8. Can be used on wet/dry hair
  9. Contains: Argan Oil, Avocado Oil, Coconut Oil, Vitamin E
  10. Suitable for daily use

2019-07-14 132853.769.JPG

As I stated above, I’ve always been scared of hair treatments as I cannot bare the thought of that greasy film which is left on the hair but for once the product does and says what’s on the bottle and I’m super impressed.

The product is by a brand called ‘RICH & FAMOUS’ and I can only imagine the reasoning behind the products name is that it leaves your hair feeling red carpet ready – get yours now by clicking here.

Thanks so much for reading, DT XO

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