Last weekend I was kindly invited to spend the evening at @BungaBungaldn for cocktails & dinner for a new night they’re hosting called ‘Summertime Spectacular’. I have been to this location many times and I always leave having the most memorable experience and yet again they delivered.

This summer, your all-inclusive Bunga Airways package includes a four-course Mediterranean meal, a variety of immersive in-flight entertainment, karaoke, DJs and more!




Address: 167 Drury Lane London WC2B5PG

Bunga Bunga is situated in Covent Garden and the venue is literally only a 5 minute walk from the tube station meaning you do not need to Uber yourself there, even in heels!


Our reservation was for 8pm-10pm, (obviously you can stay for drinks after the slot) also the show starts promptly at 8pm so do not be late as you’ll not only miss the show but you’ll interrupt the other guests dining and that’s not cute.


So the experience costs £42 and that includes all your starters (there’s lots) and a huge pizza to share followed by a shot for desert! Drinks are on top of that with the cocktails starting from £13.



This restaurant is one of my favourites as all the staff are always super friendly and in character which adds something special to your experience. The vibe is very flirty, adult-like (the entertainers often swear for effect) and light-hearted, you’ll love it.


The cocktails aren’t sickly or too strong, I did read the menu and think omg I don’t know if I’m going to like it, but I liked every single one so they’re obviously very good at making them taste good! I also love the novelty mugs they come in, very cute.


Corrrr what a feast they provide you with, each time I went to take a photo of the table, more came out. I’m a huge foodie so the more the merrier, and it ALL tasted absolutely unreal. And come to think of it, I’ve never once complained about anything at this venue, the staff are all super good at their jobs and the food/drink and entertainment is always spot on so you won’t be disappointed. Also, when the pizza comes, request some of their garlic mayo, you’ll literally DIEEEEEEEEE, it’s the best garlic mayo ever. I would also add that if they brought a desert to this experience, it would make it so perfect, I’m unsure why they don’t include desert but they definitely should. I know it’s a man vs food kinda situation but I deffo have a sweet tooth so that would be cool if they ever considered adding one.



Genuinely cannot fault the staff, they are all so brilliant at their jobs and they always make me feel super welcome whenever I visit 🙂 The show is always super fun, it’s very interactive, very tongue in cheek humour and extremely wild. It’s deffo got that cheesy vibe to it but it makes such a fun memorable experience, I’ve never not had a good time when I’ve dined at a Bunga Bunga restaurant.


Perfect For

Lots of groups go there for special occasions as it’s something different to a normal restaurant but equally there’s lots of couples there on dates too. I personally would go here for a first date as if it gets awkward you’re distracted by the entertainment and there are lots of talking points so you’re never stuck for something to say (not that I have that problem).

I’d just like to say a huge thank you to the team at BungaBunga who looked after me on Friday evening, me and my friend had the best time. See you very soon!

Thanks for reading,


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