I have been following Kourtney Mua for almost two years now, the first time we worked together was on a collaboration with a clothing boutique and I’ve fell in love with her work ever since. Being a photographer, I’ve worked with hundreds of makeup artists and sometimes it’s hard getting the look you’ve envisaged for your model to look exactly how you’ve imagined however she seems to have this energy which transforms your model into the exact image you wanted and 9/10 even better! Following on from our very first shoot we’ve collaborated together ever since and she even got to do my best friends makeup for her wedding, including me and the other bridesmaids. She did an amazing job and I was so excited that she was finally doing my makeup. I’ll be honest, I’m very hard to please, I have a very particular style of makeup that I find suits me best and when explaining this to Kourtney, she didn’t fob me off and just do what she does on everyone else, she listened to me and as a makeup artist that is so important. There was not one single thing that I would have changed about my makeup and I didn’t add or go over any of it the whole day. I also felt very much like myself and I would definitely definitely book her again. I thought I’d dedicate this post to show you all my top 10 favourite looks she has created so you can all see how super talented she is for yourself.

1. IMG_1145.jpg

2. IMG_1146.jpg

3. IMG_1147.jpg

4. IMG_1148

5. IMG_1149.jpg

6. IMG_1150.jpg

7. IMG_1151.jpg

8. IMG_1153.jpg

9. IMG_1155.jpg

10. IMG_1154.jpg

So there we have it, my top 10 favourite makeup looks created by the very talented Kourtney Hammett.


Thanks for reading, DT XO


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