I have admired Tom’s work for years now, ever since we collaborated on a shoot together I was in awe of his personality, talent and creativity. He takes your hair where no one else can take it, you know when you meet someone and you’re like, they’ve gotta have that unexplained thing, you know the special little thing that just makes something amazing? Almost as if they’re sprinkling magic fairy dust wherever they go, @hairbythomastatam has that magic sprinkle. I love to celebrate my friends work and give them a little confidence boost and as Kris Jenner would say, ‘you’re doing amazing sweetie’. So I thought I’d share with you all my top 10 favourite hair styles he’s created because they deserve some air time! ENJOY!

1. IMG_2956(1).jpg

2. IMG_2959.jpg

3. IMG_2960.jpg

4. IMG_2962.jpg

5. IMG_2963.jpg

6. IMG_2957.jpg

7. IMG_2964.jpg

8. IMG_2965.jpg

9. IMG_2966

10. IMG_2967

So there we have it, my top 10 favourite hair styles created by the hair queen, Thomas Tatam.


Thanks for reading, DT XO

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