When shopping online as a consumer I have always taken for granted how easy and accessible it was for me to buy clothes. I’ve never had to take into consideration that the item online will look drastically different on me because I’m similar size-wise to the size 6/8 models we’re used to seeing online. I’ve never had to wonder how the outfit might look if I had huge boobs or a slightly bigger waist because that’s all we’ve ever been shown. I can’t lie, I’ve felt privileged but it’s also made me appreciate how easy I’ve had it. It’s only this past year I’ve seen the fashion industry make huge changes in how they’re representing their brands and although it’s only one step at a time, I’m so happy to be seeing positive, uplifting, empowering brands make a stand of being inclusive of all shapes and sizes and showing us that there isn’t just one version of beauty, that in fact we are all beautiful in our own way.


Love attracts love and we need more of it in this world. Girls need to start empowering each other instead of bringing each other down. How are we meant to appreciate different body types, different shapes, different sizes if we’re constantly being shown only one body type? How is that fair? How is that inclusive of all people? How is that raising our self-esteem and lifting our self-confidence? It isn’t is it? It can lead people to feeling not good enough, insecure and self-conscious but that’s not the kinda world I wanna live in. Of course we all feel insecure at times but fashion should be about being made to feel comfortable in what you wear, an extension of your personality, a way to express yourself, and that should be available for EVERYONE.


And that brings me on to a brand new swimwear brand I’ve found that represents everything I’ve just mentioned. A brand that includes all shapes and sizes, encourages people that instead of feeling you have to get ‘bikini body ready’ that without doing absolutely anything, you are in fact ready for the beach. That your body, how it is, is good enough and that’s how it should be! How empowering is that? To look at a feed that celebrates rolls, stretch marks & cellulite and instead of telling us tips and tricks to hide all these things and editing them out, they as a brand are showing us there is NOTHING wrong with it and that these ‘flaws’ are in fact, beautiful and should be celebrated and I’m here for it.


I think we as a collective can be ignorant to the fact that there isn’t just one version of beautiful, it’s just that we’re constantly being drip fed via the media that there is only one standard of beauty which leads people into thinking they’re not good enough and that makes me so frustrated. You’re all beautiful in your own right and although there are so many amazing positive changes happening in the fashion industry at the moment, we still have a very long way to go. The way I feel when looking at their brand is that, it’s not what you’re wearing, or your body size, it’s what’s inside that actually makes a difference. It’s our attitudes towards our own bodies and other people’s bodies that actually makes the message so empowering. The confidence you see on these models makes you believe and feel as though, who even cares if you are sculpted within an inch of your life, you can still look absolutely amazing just by being you – and for that, I feel hugely inspired, so thank you.

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