Yesterday I was kindly gifted some Russian volume individual lashes by @lash_locks in Harlow by a very talented lash technician, Tilly. My go-to lashes are usually re-wearable strips such as Glamify or Dollbeauty which I wear on weekends and during the week I live for LVL. I’ve always thought about having individual lashes but just never got around to it. I was recently approached by Tilly who offered me a full set of lashes after seeing one of my instagram stories, I scrolled down her feed to get a rough idea of her style of work and after thoroughly assessing it, I agreed to collaborate.

I’ve never had them done before so I was doing all my research before I went, I looked up her website where I saw all her client reviews, all being 5 star, her website was professional, her instagram was amazing and knowing that she not only had previously worked with another lash technician which has an amazing reputation in the area, Tilly also had over 5 years experience so she fully had my trust. I think when you choose a lash technician you need to bare in mind that it could be really damaging to your lashes if they’re not applied correctly and being trained in lashes myself I was looking for the top standard of work which is how I ended up accepting Tilly’s lashes!

Once I had arrived we did a little client consultation where she asked me which lashes I would like to go for by going through all the different lash styles and lengths ensuring my lashes were completely tailored to suit my desires.


1. Does it hurt?

No, not at all. You close your eyes and she’s so gentle you don’t even feel like she’s doing anything!

2. How long did the appointment take?

I think she did a full set in 1hour40 so really quick.

3. How do they feel on your eyes?

Literally can’t feel a thing, they don’t tug, pull or feel like I’ve even had them done.

4. What is the aftercare like?

You have to brush through your lashes every day as they can move place, she kindly gave me an mascara wand so I could comb through my lashes to make sure they’re all sitting correctly.

Avoid oils, anything with oil can actually break the bonds in the glue resulting in them falling out quicker! I’d personally say there is literally no need for mascara either so you can ditch that – making your morning routine so much quicker!

Every couple of days wash your lashes with baby shampoo to ensure all dust, dirt and excess makeup are completely off the lashes.

For obvious reasons don’t rub your eyes, as this’ll encourage lashes to fall out – basically just treat your eyes with care as you want them to last as long as possible before your infill.

5. How much are they?


There is a full price list here but judging by some other salons, she is really affordable with lash infills only being £30!

6. Where is she based?

She is based in Harlow, Essex.

7. Would you recommend?

I’d definitely recommend, I’ll let you all know during my experience how they’ve lasted and anything I’ve found whilst having them so I shall update you if anything changes.


I’d just like to say a huge thanks to Tilly for my lashes, I absolutely love them.

If you’d like 10% off a new set during April/May then be sure to use my code DT10 🙂

Thanks for reading, LOVE DT XO

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