Last week I flew to Amsterdam for a work trip and its the first time I’ve ever been and I absolutely loved it! I booked the trip via EasyJet package holidays and it was super affordable so definitely give that a try if you fancy a last-minute city break as the flights/accommodation and transfers were all included!

“”We are not satisfied until we have satisfied guests and everything is focused on exactly that.”


The location of this hotel was about a 15minute Uber to the city center. I would have wanted it slightly closer however we were out shooting most of the time so this wasn’t an issue.

Check in/out

Check in was at 3pm and checkout was at 12pm.


Our room was 409 on the fourth floor.

First Impressions

I thought the hotel was really cute, it was covered with quirky paintings all over the walls and in the entrance they had a graffiti smart car which was different.


My mum has always told me don’t go for anything less than four stars and you’ll be happy and she wasn’t wrong. I loved the hotel room, it was clean, spacious (room enough for activities) and it was super cute. The king-sized bed was so ridiculously comfy, it was difficult getting up in the mornings. The pillows were fluffy and the quilt was cosy – the bed definitely got a A* from me! I feel like the bed is the make or break when you go away – I want it to feel so comfy that the second your head hits the pillow you fall into a deep sleep and the second you wake up I want it to feel like a struggle getting out. So yeah, the bed was good, secondly there was a tea station in the room which is always a good shout – especially when you wake up first thing it’s nice to be able to have a coffee whilst you’re getting ready – saying that – it didn’t even get used however nice to have the option. There was also a wardrobe, a chaise lounge, a side table and a flat screen TV directly opposite the bed.



I loved the bathroom – it was really spacious – big enough for two people to get ready at the same time and most importantly a huge selfie mirror which was perfect for getting ready in and obviously a few cheeky selfies. It also had adjustable lighting in the bathroom ensuring you get that perfect shot! The bathroom also came with a hairdryer, full-sized towels, and all the toiletries you’d need (apart from toothpaste) – you could get toothpaste and mini toothbrushes from the front desk though if you had forgotten to bring your own. The shower was one of those double showers, a handheld one and a huge fixed one which was really powerful. I know I may sound like an absolute weirdo but I absolutely love showering in the pitch black darkness, which is what I did when I showered at night-time – don’t knock it until you try it, it’s unreal. Also for those wondering..the shower is big enough for two.





  • Spacious
  • Comfortable king-size bed
  • Good lighting for doing makeup
  • Selfie mirror in the bathroom
  • Tea station
  • Toiletries
  • Powerful shower


  • 15 minutes from the city center

Where we dined

I literally felt like we non-stop ate the entire three days – honestly there are just way too many places to go and the food is really delicious so if you’re a foodie you won’t be stuck for places to eat. Also the smell of pancakes everywhere is really quite difficult not to resist so make sure you definitely try them before you go as you won’t be disappointed. I felt three days just wasn’t long enough for the amount of things there are to do in Amsterdam, I wanted to try Supperclub & Mama Kelly along with a day time boat trip but it was raining when we went so we gave it miss, next time I go, it’s a must! Also the coffee there is sooooo peng so if you’re a coffee lover you’re in the right place fo’shooo.

2019-03-05 164123.159.JPG



Tourist Attractions

God I have so much to say about the tourist attractions – I was just so interested in everything Amsterdam had to offer. It was my first time visiting the country and although I had seen lots of photos on Instagram, I didn’t expect it to be so small? Saying that it was quite big if that makes sense – anyways moving on. During our three-day break we actually crammed a lot in considering we only really had one full day there.



Amsterdam is full of interesting museums and they’re all in really close proximity to each other so no need for public transport – they were all in walking distance to each other which makes it super easy to cram a load in one day which is what we did.

  • Amsterdam dungeons (49 for two) – We were recommended by a handful of people and to be honest, we both hated it, it wasted about 2 hours of our day doing the tour and it was quite boring and also not very scary so that was disappointing. They also called us both up to take part in the entertainment, that felt extremely awkward, I didn’t like being put on the spot but hey ho, it was an experience for sure. I personally wouldn’t recommend going here but that’s just my opinion.
  • Body Worlds (39 for two) – I absolutely loved this museum so much, you definitely have to go here! It was all about the pursuit of happiness and everything you need to know about the brain and how happiness is measured – I found it literally so fascinating. One thing I learned from visiting is ‘approximately 50% of our happiness is determined by genetics, 40% by our thoughts, actions and behaviours and only 10% by circumstances (eg. rich or poor, healthy or unhealthy, married or single) which proves our actions can really make a difference’. I found all the tips and tricks to feeling and being happier really interesting, another thing they said was that research shows that close contact with a happy person increases our chance of being happy by 15% – so little things like this really make you think differently – thoughts really do turn into things. I won’t spoil anymore of the experience but I deffo really enjoyed it.
  • Sex Museum (6 for two) – This was the museum where you get that photo with the huge penis in for your Instagram. Again this was a really interesting experience so definitely worth going to plus it’s one of the cheaper ones too.
  • Museum of prostitution (18 for two) – This is also a must when you visit Amsterdam – this was one of my favourite ones too as I found it so fascinating learning all about the prostitution industry. I’m not going to lie, I think we should have gone here first before visiting the red light district as it made you think a little differently to how you respond when you’re walking past the sex workers.

So all in all, to visit 4 museums for two people came to under £100 which is really good as that’s only £50 each so definitely affordable and it’s a great experience too.

  •  Peep show – so a peep show is where you go into a little box for two minutes and watch two people performing sex acts on each other – it’s so interesting as they can see you all watching them and they wink and you and all sorts – I think this was something as cheap as €2 for one little booth for two minutes so definitely try it just so you can say you experienced it.

Other things to do in Amsterdam..

As I said above, there is literally so much to do and not enough time! So here is a list of all the places that I was recommended..

  • Hiring a bike
  • Van Gogh Museum
  • Canal cruise (for when it’s not raining)
  • Ice bar
  • Red light district
  • Live sex shows
  • Supperclub
  • Mama Kelly

Processed with VSCO with ss1 presetIMG_9643(2)

Dress Code

The dress code again is super casual. I did bring some boot heels but that was a complete mistake, trainers or flats the whole time honeyyyyy!


PIT: Amsterdam Dungeons

PEAK: Museum of Prostitution

Overall as an experience I had the best time both with my hotel stay and exploring the city and cannot wait to return already! I’d really like to stay in the West Cord Fashion hotel next time as it looks super funky!

Thanks so much for reading,


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