Last night I had the pleasure of dining at Bunga Bunga for their Burlseque inspired evening called ‘Burlesquoni’. For those who have never visited a Bunga Bunga venue, number 1. you must visit and number 2. they put on lots of themed dinners and brunches with live entertainment whilst you dine and honestly, it’s such a vibe, you will absolutely love it.

Dine on a deliciously indulgent feast of Italian favourites, as you watch an incredible array of tongue-in-cheek burlesque unfold right around your tables. From 007 to the Moulin Rouge, let the evening take you on a journey from the alluring to the downright peculiar.



Address: 167 Drury Lane London WC2B5PG

Bunga Bunga is situated in Covent Garden and the venue is literally only a 5 minute walk from the tube station meaning you do not need to Uber yourself there, even in heels!


Our reservation was for 8pm-10pm, (obviously you can stay for drinks after the slot) also the show starts promptly at 8pm so do not be late as you’ll not only miss the show but you’ll interrupt the other guests dining and that’s not cute. The Burlesquoni event runs every Thursday evening.


So basically you each pay £38 which covers the show and your food (and water) – which by the way, I was so surprised with how much food there was for that price! The drinks are added onto the bill separately, the cocktails were £13 each so if you have a couple make sure you budget for those too. Or otherwise order a bottle of wine etc.


When you enter the venue you’re greeted by staff who then send you downstairs, everyone is in character in an American accent and they talk to you in a kind of scripted way. You dine underground where it’s literally so dark, decorated with sky lights creating the perfect setting for the show. The atmosphere is nothing but good vibes, silly, flirty/dirty, very adult themed but super entertaining.



The cocktails were perfect. I am so fussy when it comes to cocktails, half the time I don’t bother and end up sticking to what I know which is usually white wine but last night I took a risk and it paid off. I chose the cocktail ‘Balotelli’ which was a cherry-infused vodka cocktail and it came in a very cheeky mug, VERY CHEEKY in fact.



I was absolutely starving last night, genuinely thought if I have to wait more than one minute for food I’m gonna pass out, but nope, you literally sit your bums down on the seat and within a click of your fingers it’s all on your table, just like that. Firstly we had starters which as we are Pescaterians we had the veggie options. It’s Italian inspired, lots of cheesy dishes, fried cheese, some kinda aubergine pasta dish (amazing), roasted veg seasoned to perfection, bread, olives, mozzarella with tomato’s and bruchetta. If you’d like the more scientific menu please click here. But honestly, the food was sooooooo peng. If you’re a foodie you will appreciate how delicious the food was, definitely don’t eat before you dine because you’ll wanna appreciate all the gorgeous flavours! Then if all those dishes weren’t enough, they serve you a HUGE pizza which is sectioned into four different flavours, omg. I can’t even, the pizza was just unreal. Gonna be honest, it was a man vs food situation and we left about 3 slices (we were just too full) but we gave it a good go, regretting it now whilst I’m sitting here writing this. Does anyone else get that? Leave food and then end up wishing you ate it the next day because you’re right hungry and you’d do anything to have those 3 slices now?! haha!



I’ve visited Bunga Bunga many times and the staff are just on another level. They’re just so attentive, sassy and fun. Thanks for looking after to us and making sure our experience was amazing – we honestly had the best time and as always cannot wait to return.

The entertainment really made me think a lot about what sexiness actually means and for me it all comes down to confidence. Confidence is the sexiest thing you can wear, it beats any thing else, it really does. I think in the kind of job I’m in, being on social media a lot, you’re kind of subjected to seeing the same types of bodies which is a huge Kimmy K bum, really tanned, tiny little waist, huge boobs, etc. but from watching the show last night, I was just so inspired by how confident these dancers were and it made me think that maybe we put way too much pressure on ourselves trying to make sure the outside looks sexy when really we’re neglecting such a huge factor in what being sexy is all about and that’s being confident in yourself! It definitely gave me food for thought and got me thinking I might do a few of those moves in the bedroom for bae…

Outfit vibe: Relaxed Tshirt, Mom jeans, Perspex heels & my hair was blowdried by @Lilyjenningshair (she’s amazing)

Perfect For

I think it’s good fun for everyone to be honest. I think if you’re newly dating someone, it’s hilarious, double dates would be really fun as well as it’s so interactive and personally for me, if I was double dating I wouldn’t want something really serious where you end up talking about marriage n kids, I want Burlesque and porn star martinis!!! I’d also recommend it for birthdays and special occasions too, definitely would be funny with a group of you – so yeah as long as you have a sense of humour and you like Italian food then definitely go!!!!!

PIT: No dessert

PEAK: The food, entertainment and experience!

I’d just like to say thanks so much to Bunga Bunga for having us, as always I had an amazing experience with you and left on a high. You were all fantastic and I can’t wait to come back!

Thanks for reading,




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