I recently put out a poll on my Instagram story asking ‘Do you believe in right person wrong timing’ and surprisingly, 79% of my followers said yes which has led me to writing this post.

I am a hopeless romantic so I definitely believe in right person wrong timing however I wasn’t expecting the result to be as agreeable. The reasoning behind me believing in this statement is the fact I believe in serendipity which basically means that every single thing that has happened to you has happened for a reason. Every conversation you’ve had you were meant to hear and every person you’ve met you were suppose to meet.

Today something in my personal life happened which made me feel frustrated and upset so I called my friend for reassurance and her words were, ‘practice what you preach. You’ve always believed in things happening the way they were meant to so accept what’s happened and don’t beat yourself up about it’. She was right, life works in mysterious ways but it’s always important to find the blessing in every moment. If you didn’t do this or do that or say this or say that, your right now would be non-existent. And for one tiny irrelevant thing for now, could literally change your entire future, you might not understand it but you don’t have to, just trust that everything will work out, because it will.

If you’ve met someone who completely floats your boat but there is unquestionable forces making you feel as if you cannot be together for now, trust it. Maybe at that moment, one of you was on a different path and it needed to be explored in a certain way so that when the two of your paths finally align again, it will be even more magical. There could be one billion reasons to why it didn’t work out first time, there could have been personal issues, work commitments, the list is endless. But what remains is the chemistry and attraction that the two of have for one another and a feeling of ‘unfinished business’. There’s so many stories out there which are just so crazy that I refuse to believe that it’s just down to coincidence, I ultimately believe that there’s a powerful force pulling the two of you together no matter how far you wonder. So if you’re asking do I believe in right person wrong timing, then wholeheartedly yes I do.

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