On Saturday I had the pleasure of attending Mr Foggs Tipsy Blooming Tea which is a newly opened venue in Tottenham Court Road (5min walk from the station). Me and my friend Lauren was overdo a long needed catch up and what better way to share stories about f*ck boys over bottomless cocktails eating afternoon tea, perfect Saturday if you ask me.

Imagine a place filled entirely with flora and fauna collected from all over the world. A place created solely with the adventurous in mind. Serving cocktails and light bites inspired by strange and exotic botanicals and plantlife, it is a cocktail bar for the adventurous.


Address: 48 Newman Street, Fitzrovia, London W1T 1QQ (5 min walk from Tottenham Court Road)

House of Botanicals is situated on the corner of Newman Street and you cannot miss it, it fully stands out because it’s the prettiest venue you’ll ever see! It’s mint green and covered in gorgeous flowers – sooo instagrammable and totally cute.



The Tipsy Blooming Tea runs from 1.30-3.30pm and it’s on every Saturday, reservation only. Downstairs is open for walk-ins which is a cocktail bar but they only serve nibbles, not afternoon tea.


£44 Single Teapot

£64 Bottomless Teapot

£72 Bottomless Champagne Teapot


I actually filmed my reaction to when I first entered, I was honestly so amazed, the venue is literally so beautiful!!! The downstairs is the cocktail bar and the upstairs is resveration for the Tipsy Blooming Tea. Before you walk up the most gorgeous spiral staircase they have you ring a bell to let upstairs know you’re coming – how cute! Apparently all of the flowers in the venue are mood enhancers and they were chosen specifically for the venue and the story behind Mr Foggs. Those little details gave me chills at how much detail goes into this experience. I never really thought about how flowers and plants can effect your mood but I googled it and apparently flowers can help you feel less stressed, anxious and can actually improve your mood!

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We both opted for the second in price being the bottomless teapot (£64) and we chose the cocktail called ‘Elixir of life’ which was a rose gin based cocktail and we loved that one  so much that we ordered several of the same! The cocktails come in teapots and yes they are alcoholic, it’s kinda cute drinking cocktails from a little teapot – you get very, very tipsy!

Processed with VSCO with c1 presetimg_5644


If you don’t want a spoiler then skip this part as they actually don’t show you the menu beforehand because they want to leave it as a surprise which I think makes the experience more fun. I’m one of those people who reads the menu before I go out and know exactly what I’m ordering, does anyone else do that or is it just me?

The food was a range of bagels with different fillings such as salami, salmon and cheese. An assortment of cakes, sweet pastries and if we weren’t spoilt for choice enough already we also had a range of different cheeses with chutney and crackers. They also came to your table every so often offering you other nibbles to add your table such as warm sugary Sicilian doughnuts and lemon/carrot cake – you NEED to accept about 10 of those doughnuts to your table because they were unreal!



As always with Mr Fogg venues, the staff really are a huge asset to the dining experience, they are nothing but attentive and accommodating making you feel really at home in their venue. There’s always such a warm atmosphere which is one of the reasons I love blogging for them because there’s nothing but good vibes, what’s not to love.

Perfect For

I personally would take a friend or a family member!


PIT: The tables are quite small so it gets quite crowded

PEAK: The cocktails are unreal

Thanks so much for having us, we had the best time and we cannot wait to return.

Love DT XO

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