So for a while now I’ve been really interested in having an intolerance test because I’m unsure if I’ve convinced myself that I’m intolerant to something or because I actually have an intolerance. I’ve never tried to rule out a certain food group to try to self diagnose however I mainly get extremely bloated after I eat sweets, chocolate, anything quite sugary and I always feel quite sick after eating bread or pasta. The only way to solve my ever-growing list of symptoms is to get tested and who better to trust than lifelabstesting. I found this company on instagram and I read all about them as a company and how their tests were run and it seemed really straight forward so I thought I’d give it a go. I would like to add that I was gifted this ‘complete intolerance test‘ in exchange for a blog post however if you were to purchase it online it would cost you around £250. Now I wouldn’t recommend buying it just for fun, as it’s quite expensive however if you struggle with eating certain foods and are sick and tired of trying to figure out what it is then it’s 100% worth the money.


How did you choose which test to have done?

Ok so there are four different tests to choose from:

  • Basic allergy test
  • Basic intolerance test
  • Complete body test
  • Complete intolerance test

I personally feel like I experience symptoms from the foods I eat and mostly if I’m allergic to something I come up in a rash and the symptoms are very clear however with intolerance’s I’m unsure if it’s just natural side effects from the foods I’m eating. The test I chose was the complete intolerance test which tests me for 160 different foods!

What do you think you’re intolerance to?

Honestly as mentioned above, I get really bloated when chocolate, pizza & ice cream but I’ve also been known to excessively bloat after eating dairy, coffee, onions, garlic, spring onions and marmite! I also find that bananas in particular make me really cough, especially banana milkshake but I did read that potassium can make people cough so I literally have no clue. The most random groups of foods mentioned but like I say I’ve never ruled out one specific food group to try to find out what it is so the list is very vague.

How does it work?

Ok so basically you go online and you order which kit suits you and your symptoms and then you get sent a box in the post which contains everything you need in order for you to take your own blood sample.

What! So you have to take your own blood sample?

Yes so basically they send you a little kit which contains two lancets which are basically little needles which you’ll need to prick your finger with to get your blood sample.

How did you do it?

Not gonna lie, I was pretty nauseous at the thought of taking my blood so I actually got my friend to do it for me, thank the lord, without them I wouldn’t have been able to.

Before you prick your finger you need to put your hand in a bowl of hot water for 5 minutes, that basically encourages blood flow making it easier to draw out enough blood from your sample.

Next you get yourself a friend who does everything else for you because you’re a huge fricking baby and the sight of your own blood will make you faint.

They basically took my arm and I lent behind their back so I couldn’t see what was going on (definitely the best way because I was feeling super faint) then they pricked my finger, TWICE (I’m sure they enjoyed the second one) because not enough blood came out the first time and now I have trust issues, ‘I won’t prick you again, BAM’, honestly, I shook my finger so much blood went all over the duvet – hows that for dramatic? Anyways, minor drama over and they then milked my finger into a tube until it filled the entire pot ready to send off.

Did it hurt?

Listen, if someone says I’m gonna punch you, you know it’s happening so the thought freaks you out more than the punch does and sometimes you’ll even say ouch before someones even touched you, so basically, it hurts for a second and it’s bearable.

How much blood is there?

Honestly it’s the tiniest little prick ever but if you milk it you can get enough to fill up the pot and once it’s done the finger stops bleeding.

Then what?

Then you pop your code on the pot so they know it’s yours and then you pop it in the bag provided and send off into a postbox.


So once it’s all processed through the lab they send you a PDF with everything they tested you for and how intolerant you are to each specific thing.

It turns out I am intolerant to:

  • Milk
  • Cream Cheese
  • Cottage Cheese
  • Yoghurts
  • Mustard
  • Bananas
  • Raspberries

Looking at that list I never dreamt that it would be dairy based products I was intolerant to, I always thought it was whatever I was mixing it with. For example I thought I was intolerant to coffee and not the milk? So I’m quite surprised but glad it’s all clicked for me now as I thought I was going mad however this confirms I wasn’t, yay. The mustard one sounds weird because you’d assume mustard is easily avoidable however mustard is actually in a lot of products and it’s the thing I’m most intolerant to so that’s a bit shit.

Are you happy with the results?

I am actually super happy that I’ve finally found what makes me feel sick etc so for me its super important that I found out what was going on.

Have you changed your diet since finding out?

I’m not a huge lover of milk anyway so it was quite easy for me to avoid, If I was ordering a coffee I’d always opt for coconut milk instead however if I’m at a friends and there’s only cows milk available then I’ve settled with that however now I know my results I will be strictly avoiding it!

Over the weekend I’ve tried to be more ingredient conscious when shopping, I made a vegetable stir fry and found an apple crumble which didn’t contain any milk for desert, by the way, it was the best apple crumble EVER. If you’re interested to know it was Aunt Bessies frozen Apple Crumble and was literally like £1! You need to get involved! Secondly I chose a Halo Top Sea salt caramel icecream because it was dairy free however if I were to describe to you the flavour I would say, you know when you’re eating a normal ice cream and you get the flavour of the stick at the end? Yeah well that’s exactly the taste. It was also £5!!! So extremely expensive and tasted horrible so that was a waste of money. And lastly I tried Haagen-Daz Mango sorbet, again, not a good choice, it was far too sweet and sickly and just not a bit of me. Such a shame but I shall keep on trying.

Do you recommend the test?

Personally for me I think it’s changed my life because I now know what’s been making me feel so awful so I would 100% recommend doing it. It was the easiest, quickest, fuss-free experience and I’m so so happy that I did it.

I would like to say a huge thank you to the team at @lifelabtests you’ve been amazing!

Thanks so much for reading,


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