This week I was introduced to a new subscription service called Sniph. The funniest thing is, I definitely misread the name and kept pronouncing it as Sinph and after I had said it around 4 times on my Instagram stories I was corrected by my followers laughing at me saying it was pronounced as ‘Sniff’. Honestly I could have died, but at least it made you lot laugh. Anyway, Sniph is an amazing subscription service dedicated to finding you that perfect perfume which gets delivered to your door once a month.


How it works:

So basically if you’re anything like me, you’ll stick to what you know when it comes to fragrances, all that standing in the shop smelling hundreds of perfumes all at once, getting a headache and having to shove your head in a pile of coffee beans for the rest of the evening is not a bit of me. It’s something I’ll in fact never do because the whole thing stresses me out from start to finish so if it can be avoided then I’m sold. Saying that, avoiding perfume shops often leaves me with repurchasing the same perfumes over and over which after a while gets a little repetitive and boring so I searched the net seeing what subscription services were out there and what they offered. That’s when I came across this subscription service, Sniph!


There are 6 collections online

  • Trending now
  • Female classics
  • Clean
  • Avant-Guard
  • Work/Play for Men
  • Aesthetic for Men

How do I choose:

Obviously you can go ahead and choose your own collection if you know what you want, but if you’re in the mood to take risks then definitely take part in the ‘Sniph Test’. What was exciting about this subscription service is the fact there’s an option for them to choose you the perfect fragrance based on your likes and dislikes, all you have to do is take the fragrance test online and the rest is down to them to choose you a perfume based on your results..(take test here).

My experience:

So my perfectly packaged parcel came through the post (it’s small enough to be posted) and inside was a couple of leaflets, one telling me all about the fragrance and explaining it in more technical terms about the notes etc. then wrapped up was my little fragrance bottle in a cute little black box.

Personally I was very skeptical about whether or not I was going to enjoy the scent, I’m really really fussy when it comes to my smells so there’s like 1/1000 chance of me actually liking a perfume (and that’s me choosing it myself), so to put it in the hands of a fragrance test, made me so shocked that I surprisingly really liked it!

I also love the little spray bottle it comes in, you have to pop your little perfume bottle into another little bottle which turns it into a spray, so cute and handy to have in your handbag!

Which perfume did you receive?

I received a perfume called Parle Moi De Parfum/ Chypre Mojo which retails at £45 and the initial thoughts are that it smells very sexy, weird describing a perfume as sexy but honestly it’s definitely a date night fragrance, it makes me feel very sensual and the scent just lingers on your skin for ages, it’s honestly a dream. What’s weirder is, After I filmed me trying it out on my Instagram story, I told everyone I smell sexy and afterwards on the card it read ‘a rush of sex appeal in it’s most delicious form’, that is literally madness!!!!

For anyone who is a fragrance connoisseur..

  • Mango, Bergamot, Patchouli
  • Light
  • Floral fruit Chypre

Whatever all that means, it smells fricking delicious!


Prices start from just £9 per month which is half a months supply of perfume and £14 for a whole months supply.

Where can I buy?

So you can go online and purchase a box here and if you use my code DANIELLET5 you will receive £5 off your first box!!!

Lasting thoughts:

Overall I think this experience was amazing and I would definitely recommend it either as present or just as a treat to yourself, it was totally worth it!

Thanks so much to Sniph for gifting me a subscription, I can’t wait to see which fragrance I receive next month, how exciting!

Thanks for reading,


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