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I ran a poll on my Instagram the other day and I was surprised that a lot of my followers would be interested in reading about cruelty free beauty brands. Now it’s not something I’ve ever thought about before in much detail but the more I hear and read about how beauty products are made the more it makes me want to change. Even if you don’t want to go fully vegan with your beauty products if you can make small changes here and there, it can make all the difference to the industry. I remember I got sent some makeup brushes once and they were called ‘cruelty free’ brushes, it had never even crossed my mind how the brushes I already owned might have contributed to animal cruelty but after I read all about it, I made sure every brush from there on would have to be cruelty free. As a few of my followers are vegan I thought I’d review a cruelty free subscription box to show them some alternative beauty brands to the ones I currently promote ensuring that all these products in this post are completely vegan friendly 🙂

The Protien Ball Co. – Vegan protien

This box has something for everyone, there’s something edible which being vegan is quite limited to find and try out new snacks so this is a brilliant idea to include in the box. It’s a box of 3 Vegan protein balls which are Lemon and Pistachio flavoured, under 100 calories and gluten-free. I’ve never tried something made for vegans so I was intrigued, saying that I’m not a huge fan of nuts however life’s all about trying something new! Upon opening the pack, it smells absolutely amazing, it kind of smells like lemon drizzle flapjacks, so it sounds promising. I am actually really shocked by its consistency, it literally tastes almost like a soft chewy sweet/flapjack/cookiedough, I really wasn’t expecting that. I thought it was going to taste quite crumbly and crunchy but it’s quite the opposite, it states on the pack how they’ve combined two plant proteins from peas and rice which gives you your 9 amino acids so it sounds very healthy yet it tastes like a treat.


Bloomtown – The clearing black clay & tea tree treatment mask

Second in the box is a Bloomtown black clay and tea tree treatment mask. Personally for me I prefer a face mask which is in a tub or bottle as those sachets you buy, you end up wasting half of it and it can get really messy. I like being able to distribute as much of the mask as I need without having lots of mess – I also apply my face masks or treatments with an old makeup brush as the application goes on far more evenly and you can apply it precisely on the areas you want. The mask smells very strongly of tea tree which is a known anti-inflammatory so it’s especially good for healing skins breakouts. I really loved using this mask, it felt amazing on the skin and left my skin feeling super soft and hydrated afterwards. I would however say that I’m disappointed that the mask doesn’t harden, I’m not sure why, but the mask felt a little unfinished as it doesn’t change in consistency after it’s been on the skin which is something you’d expect from a mask but it doesn’t change the fact that I’ll definitely be using it again.


CB&CO – Singapore Sling body tonic

Thirdly we have a Singapore sling body tonic. Now I never usually use anything like this, I use a body cream all over and sometimes a dry oil but this is quite similar in application. It’s a product which you put all over your body to give it that boost of hydration and that gorgeous healthy glow – the glow is quite subtle, it just looks as if you’ve moisturised but it smells soooooooooooo gorgeous. It has hints of cherry, pineapple and lemon and smells quite summery – almost good enough to eat. If I was going to say anything constructive I’d suggest that they make the lid in spray form as I find it’s harder to apply by just pouring it out.


Tisserand – Tea tree & Aloe skin rescue stick 

I am loving the tea tree theme that’s going on in this box. I’m a huge fan of tea tree as it has so many benefits for the skin and it’s a really good product for outbreaks. I usually fleet between using witch hazel or tea tree for any skin concerns and rarely rely on anything else if I’m honest – they just do the trick. This has a lipstick wand application so you can specifically target areas you want to zap which gives you a lot more precision that a roller ball or balm.

D134C8B9-EA9D-444F-843F-81EFE8A5EEE8.JPGAveda – Damage remedy 

Next we have an intensive hair restructuring treatment, I’ll be honest, I don’t use many hair products and it’s not something I’ve ever bought into however, after uploading this product on my story I heard only good things which has actually enticed me to try it out. You basically shampoo your hair as normal and then apply this treatment all over your hair and leave for 5 minutes and then rinse off with warm water. I will definitely give it a go on my next hair wash day and let you all know how I got on with it – apparently your hair feels all silky and healthy afterwards so I’m interested to see if that’s true. Also I’ve just swatched it so I could see what it smells of and you know when you smell something and you think yes, that’s gonna be good for my hair, that’s what it smells of. It smells like it’s going to work? We shall seeeeee.


Manna Kadar – Lip wand

And lastly, we have a Manna lip wand in shade Amour. I’ve actually used this before and although the colour is great I’m really not a fan of a wand application – I prefer a thin lip liner and a gloss however if you’re a lipstick or wand wearer then this product is your go-to. I’m a little stuck in my comfort zone of wearing the same lip colours for the past 4 years – creature of comfort I know – but that’s just my personal preference.



So to summarise the boxes contents, I absolutely would go for it again as I loved the range of products in the box and although I wouldn’t use the lip wand, 5/6 products isn’t bad at all. I’m also really interested in finding new products which are cruelty free because although I may not be vegan there are so many simple changes you can make to your lifestyle to insure that your vanity doesn’t have to be at the expense of an innocent animals life. And did you know that 50p from each box sold goes towards the animal free research uk charity so it’s all for a good cause! The contents of the box is roughly worth up to around £49 so it’s definitely worth the £20 subscription fee, plus, who doesn’t love surprises to your door once per month? I know I do!

Thanks so much to Thepipbox for gifting me,

Love DT XO


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