I did a huge skin care haul yesterday because I was getting stuck in the same skincare routine and I just felt quite bored and fancied a change. I have been using Garnier’s Micellar gel face wash for about a year now and although it does exactly what I wanted and I very much enjoy using the product I just felt like trying something new. I still stuck with Garniers gel wash range as I really do love their products and I’ve experienced only good things so I tried a different version this time. I ended up choosing Garniers natural aloe extract gel wash which is for normal to combination skin. I would say because of the weather change my skin can be a little unsettled so I thought this one would be great coming into the colder months.


Garnier’s first gel wash made with 96% ingredients of natural origin, enriched with Aloe Vera Extract, known for its hydrating powers. It efficiently removes excess sebum, impurities and pollution for perfectly clean, fresh and hydrated skin.

After using it in the shower this morning I am very impressed. The smell is enjoyable, it has a much more fragrant scent than the pink one but it’s not too strong or overpowering. I also waited around four hours before putting any other product on my face to see how it felt after use and my face four hours on is still matte, its slightly a little oily on the forehead but I can’t be sure if that was down to the product or not.

In terms of which facial wash I prefer I am probably leaning more towards the original version as the scent is much less fragrant however they both give me the same outcome in regards to washing my face. I don’t break out using this product and my skin always feel super hydrated, soft and fresh after use – I also love the fact it’s mild enough to use everyday without causing any abrasion to the skin!

If you’d like to see the range for yourself click here


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