I would say as I’m getting older I’m maybe resonating with the saying, ‘prevention is better than cure’ so this encouraged me to do a little beauty haul to start looking after my skin more.  When it comes to skin care they do say that starting sooner rather than later will benefit you much more than if you try to rewind time before it’s too late. Studies say that you should start considering eye creams in your early twenties to thirties to get the most benefit of staying youthful.

If I’m honest with you, I don’t actually own a single eye cream until todays purchase. I have used one before a few years back which was a Benefit Cosmetics eye cream but once it had run out I didn’t feel the urgency to replace it. I don’t have any major concerns with my undereye area so I guess it’s not something I’ve ever felt was necessary to my skin care regime however after being asked numerous times to review eyecreams I thought I’d better start!

I chose ‘Nip+Fab No needle fix‘ eye cream for many reasons:

  1. I trust the brand, I’ve tried lots of their products before and use them regularly so it made sense for me to buy into the range rather than try a totally alien brand of cream.
  2. I enjoy the packaging, I know you should never judge a book by its cover but in this case the bright blue bold packaging just screams BUY ME
  3. It was within my price range, for something I didn’t necessarily need I think £14.95 is reasonable for a little treat


Where should you apply eye cream?

Eye cream should go near your eyes BUT weirdly, it should never be applied to your eye lids. Place the product just above your orbital bone and pat the product in all the way up to the brow bone. You have to remember that your eyes are incredibly delicate and you should be very gentle when applying products around your eyes.

When should I apply eye cream?

You should apply eye cream after moisturiser (I’d wait until the moisturiser has absorbed first) and then in small dotting motions around the eye I would place the eye cream. I’d also recommend waiting until the product has completely dried before applying makeup as you want to achieve its full benefits.

Are eye creams necessary?

I don’t have much experience using eye creams so it’s hard to have an opinion on them however if you don’t have problems with dark circles or puffy eyes then I guess you can skip this part but it’s recommended that you’ll still need to use a decent moisturiser elsewhere.

When I first picked up this product I was instantly drawn to its gorgeous bright blue packaging. I did find there was a lack of information on the box and there was no leaflet inside explaining the products details which I found quite weird. Usually when you buy these types of products there’s usually much more information but I didn’t let that put me off. I also found there was a lot of excess space inside the box which makes you think you’re going to be getting a bigger bottle which was a slight disappointment but again I didn’t let this ruin my experience. The bottle contains 15ml of product and you can distribute it easily as it has a pump – I prefer pumps over pots as I find it’s more hygienic and you never waste excess product.

  • This product has a medium consistency, it’s like a gel type formula and trust me when I say a little goes a really long way. One teenie pump was enough, no more!
  • I would say it has a cooling effect on the skin but that could just be because I’ve only placed the product under the eyes so it maybe feels a different temperature to the rest of my face.
  • It doesn’t burn or smell weird, it actually doesn’t really smell of much if I’m honest.
  • The product takes around 10 seconds to fully absorb into the skin and it doesn’t leave a sticky residue .

The website product description:

This powerful 3-in-1 formula eye cream works to reduce the appearance of puffiness, dark circles and expression lines around the eye area. Ideal for those looking to achieve brighter, younger-looking eyes.

red algae: helps reduce appearance of dark circles
tetra peptide-5: reduces under-eye puffiness
shea butter: hydrates and softens the skin

It’s hard to give my opinion on whether or not it has done any of the above after a week and as I stated above, I didn’t have any eye concerns anyway so it’s hard to tell if it’s done anything however if I judge the product for everything else, then I’m happy with the it and I will be introducing it into my skin care regime and if I notice a huge difference, I’ll definitely be the first to tell ya!



Thanks for always reading,


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