If you’ve been following me on Instagram this week you’ll have seen that I’ve been doing lots of beauty hauls recently. It was getting to that time of the year where I was just so bored with all my skin care products that I just fancied a change. One of the things I wanted to review was a good old face mask, I have used hundreds in the past, good and bad and I just wanted something different this time. I had a look on Nip & Fab’s website for some inspiration and came across this Gylcolic fix bubble mask. The bubble aspect of the mask intrigued me and although I’d never usually pay £5 for a throw away face mask I simply couldn’t resist. Their marketing team are very clever at making people spend their money because I purchased this mask purely on the fact it bubbled.


If we’re gonna get a bit technical, the mask contains 2% Glycolic acid which is amazing for re-texturising your skin and smoothing out any fine lines so this really appealed to me when choosing which one to purchase. After application I couldn’t take myself seriously and neither could my followers, the oxygen bubbles rise from the mask (which is charcoal infused) and it makes you look hilarious! What this does is it lifts away any of your skins impurities and gets rid of all the dead skin cells, erugh! After keeping this mask on for 10 minutes you have to peel it off, your skin is then left with some excess bubble residue on your skin which you have to massage in to activate phase two of the face mask. Once your face is all white (from rubbing it in all over), you’ll then have to rinse off the remaining mask with warm water.

Knowing that I purchased this for the gimmick side of things, I wanted to see how my skin looked and felt after use and I loved it! Honestly, the whole process start to finish was totally a bit of me and I did feel after a few days, impurities had been lifted from my skin which I was able to extract blackheads much easier than before etc. It obviously sounds yuk, but it really brought the dirt to the surface which is a huge selling point for me as no one wants congested skin. I also noticed my foundation went on so smoothly afterwards, it was almost like I was glowing from the inside. I rarely notice a dramatic difference using my skin care products but I really felt this mask was different. I will be 100% using this again and I definitely can’t wait to try the others.

If you’d like to buy one for yourself the link to the mask is here


As always thanks so much for reading,


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