After asking my Instagram followers which products they recommend a common answer was the ‘Loreal Paris, Smooth Sugars Clear Scrub‘. To be honest with you, I doubt I’d have ever picked this up if it wasn’t for my followers recommending it as I assumed all these products were boxes of moisturiser, maybe I should take more notice next time! Without even reading what this product was, I picked it up due to its aesthetic, I know it’s bad, but I just thought oh that looks nice, I’ll chuck that in the basket. I was in-particular looking for a facial scrub as I ran out of my previous exfoliator and I fancied a change, there wasn’t many requirements other than I didn’t want it to leave my skin feeling squeaky or dry and it had to smell nice. After reading the product packaging when I got home it states on the front how it purifies your skin and lifts blackheads which is a bonus as I was just expecting a little exfoliator. It also stated that it has a self heating formula which surprised me too, I wasn’t expecting that from an in-shower face scrub but this excited me. The product comes in a little glass jar and looks almost like kiwi frogspawn, it smells gorgeous too! The consistency is a gel-like sugary paste with large black exfoliating beads. Personally from the minute I applied it to my face, it felt like a dream, it wasn’t too harsh on the skin and the self-heating aspect made it feel like a proper treatment. The warming sensation was so relaxing I didn’t want to take it off, it states to use it three times a week and I already cannot wait to use it again. The beads were really gentle on the skin and although it was really warm, my face didn’t go bright red afterwards which is something that usually happens with face masks. My skin afterwards has never felt so soft, it feels super bright, hydrated and I’m delighted with how matte it looks.

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How to use it:

Apply onto dry skin with your fingers and then rub in circular motions all over the face, it also states that you can apply to your lips too as along as they aren’t chapped and sore. Once it’s all rubbed in you can either rinse it off right away or leave it on the skin whilst you finish off in the shower for that extra spa like feel.

Do you recommend it?

Yes absolutely. I honestly loved the way it felt on my skin and the beads were easily rinsed off afterwards too. I’m just so happy with how soft my face feels, I can’t stop touching it!

How much is it?

£9.99 for 50ml

Rate or Hate?


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