I have been sent lots of products this month so I thought I’d do another beauty haul of all my favourite and least favourite products. Most of the items I am blogging about in this post I’ve either bought or they were in goody bags so my opinions as always will be 100% truthful. Hope you enjoy!



So the first product I want to share with you all is the brand new Givenchy mascara and you’ll be surprised to hear that I actually love it! In my previous mascara post I claimed how I only really stick to Benefit Cosmetics when it comes to mascaras as I am an eyelash wearing fanatic however this Givenchy mascara, is my new-found BFF. I probably was slightly encouraged by its gorgeous sleek black and silver design but the overall product formula was really impressive. I don’t really wear mascara during the day because I don’t feel it makes that much of a difference however this one really opens up my eye making it a no-makeup makeup look favourite.




I was really lucky to be invited to the Olay launch last night for their brand new product launch, ‘Regenerist Whip Light as air moisturiser’, they put on such an amazing event at the most gorgeous of venues, Sky Gardens in London. We had Champagne on tap, cocktails galore and so many Instagrammable stations for us to get some cute insta snaps, they really know how to put on a night to remember! Their brand new moisturiser is literally the softest most fluffiest of formulas which absorbs as soon as it touches the skin. I would kind of describe the product as a primer because your face feels really mattified without leaving it feeling sticky or greasy. If you’re looking to try a light-weight moisturiser which is perfect to use before makeup and has added benefits of firming the skin, reducing fine lines and quick drying then this is your go-to!

Anyways back to the facial cloths, last night I was gifted a box of there facial cloths and I am literally in love with them. I didn’t really know what to expect when I opened them as you open them like a packet of crisps and all 30 of your dry cloths are sitting their in the packet. I use face wipes as you all know but no matter how many times you wipe your face, there is always left over makeup which still hasn’t been removed and that is not ideal for your skin. Usually I would wipe over my face with a face wipe and then use a wash cloth in the shower with some gel cleanser to wipe off the remaining makeup but these are brilliant because it just cuts out the double cleanse.

How to use: You bring the dry cloth into the shower, add some warm water to it which will make it foam up with product and then you wipe it all over your face just like a face wipe. I really loved everything about them to be honest. It’s a genius product.

  • The smell was pleasant, they weren’t too overpowering and they were kind to my eyes
  • My face felt really soft and hydrated afterwards
  • Non-drying formula which didn’t leave that squeaky drying feeling
  • The pads have a rigid surface meaning they can easily catch missed makeup and I know it’s weird but I really enjoy seeing all the makeup I missed on the cloth afterwards. Does anyone else do that? Or is it just me?
  • Slightly more pricey than my usual face wipes/gel cleanser but definitely love the product so it’s worth the money




I was having a really anxiety riddened week and I thought I’d try out some herbal medicines to see if they really did make a difference to my symptoms. Whether it was a placebo effect or whether it actually helped I wanted to see what my thoughts were on it. I was really optimistic in this working because I have heard lots of great responses from my followers however for me it did very little, and maybe even nothing. I didn’t expect it to work miracles but I did expect it to lessen my symptoms even just a tiny bit, even if it acted as a placebo that would have been something but I didn’t notice a difference at all. I also don’t enjoy the taste, it’s quite strong and bitter so I had to make sure I had a drink handy to wash down the taste afterwards. Overall I just don’t feel the product was beneficial to me and for a price point as high as it was I expected more so in result I probably won’t be reaching for it again.




I was gifted these products in a goody bag from @Hachidigital, she explained to me that the products worked with helping to relax and to ease the symptoms of anxiety so I was extremely excited to try it. Although lavender isn’t really a smell I go wild for, I actually have responded really well to the scent. It’s not overwhelmingly strong but I’m really enjoying using it. The smell of lavender has actually been proven to help anxiety symptoms and I agree because it has made my restlessness in the evenings much less than usual. I often get the butterfly anxiety feelings some nights where I’m fighting with my brain to allow me to drift off but this helps to soothe those nervous feelings sending me into a calm state before I drift off. I spray the product quite generously over my pillows and I use the aroma balls on my pulse points and I have never felt so relaxed. I would definitely recommend you trying these if you experience anxiety because I really think they work.



Processed with VSCO with c1 preset


If you read my last post on the oil infused micellar water you’ll find how I just wasn’t vibing at all with the product, the smell, the consistency and how it made my skin feel afterwards was just not a bit of me. This micellar water however is the complete opposite and I’ve been using it for about two years now. I love how it wipes off your makeup, leaves your skin feeling super hydrated without leaving that sticky residue and it even gets off waterproof makeup, it’s a godsend. I always buy the little bottles as it lasts literally forever and for £1.99 it’s really affordable, they do also come in bigger sizes but I don’t feel it’s necessary, especially when I’m travelling to and from places, it’s a nice handy size.



My friend Abigail bought me this for my birthday, I saw it on her once and I was literally obsessed!! I’m a lover of Soar lipliner by Mac and this looked like the perfect colour to put over the top. I use so many of NYX lipglosses, my favourites are the butter glosses in shades Tiramisu and Madeline so if you’re looking for a change then definitely have a try of those two. Anyways back to this one, it’s a matte lip gloss which is so buttery and soft and the colour pay off is insane. For something as affordable as £6 you’d expect the formula to feel cheap but honestly these glosses are an absolute bargain, in fact I don’t feel I’d ever pay more for a gloss because these are perfect! I know lots of MUA’S in Essex who also swear by these glosses so if you have a Boots near you, definitely go and check them out, you won’t regret it!



So there we have it, my favourite and least favourite products in September. As always I’d love to hear your opinions on the products I’ve tried out and any that you recommend give me a message on Instagram and I’ll bear them in mind for future posts!

Thanks so much for reading!


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