We all want visibly clearer skin right?! Well when I was shopping I saw this product which read ‘Visibly clear blackhead eliminating scrub’ and I thought oh yeah that’s a bit of me. I really like the consistency of this product, it has a really silky, creamy formula and it lathers into the skin with or without water really easily. The product looks iridescent in the light and smells almost like a minty spot cream. My first impressions were positive, I liked the way it felt on my skin and it felt super soft afterwards.


Now having experience from working in the beauty industry I was a little skeptical about exfoliating my face daily (as this product suggests) because over exfoliating is really bad for your skin as it actually overproduces the natural oils which in effect can be the reason for your breakouts. Going with my better judgement I used this product weekly for a month. Don’t get me wrong, the beads are definitely gentle enough to be used everyday but I just don’t feel comfortable with doing that everyday.

Reading the product description I saw that it contained Salicylic acid which is known to help unclog pores and help fight acne. This ingredient in particular is known for eliminating blackheads (clues in the name) so it was looking extremely promising, however the aftermath of my skin was a whole different story. I can’t express to you my disappointment with how my skin felt a few hours after use. My skin, was literally dripping to the high heavens in oil, it was so shiny, oily and felt horrible! I know we’d all love to put it down to coincidence or whatever but you guys know, I make sure I use these products a good few times to get a full opinion on it and each time I used it I experienced the oiliest face known to life and it was not cute. So for that reason I will not be continuing to use it and it’s a no from me.

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