Last week I was sent a bundle of products to try out from a @brandstandcomms and they had included lots of products from @itsskinuk. This is a skin care brand who I’ve never heard of before so I was really keen to see what they are all about. I think the brand is Korean as the top half of the product description is written in Korean and the bottom half is written in English so maybe that’s why I’ve never heard of them before.

The first product I tried using was the VC Brightening Cleansing Foam.



The product is all about brightening your skin so the use of yellow on their design is a very clever association with the word bright. I see what they did there, very simple but effective. The colours on the design would make me more prone to use this in the morning rather than the evening because of its bright yellow design – it screams ‘wake up’! The bottle has a very simplistic design, black bold lettering on a yellow/white background.


The product has a jelly gel-like texture once applied to the skin which foams up into a white creamy consistency after a few seconds, with or without water. Once applied you can see the light reflecting pigments in the product however once rinsed off I can’t say my face looks brighter.


I’ve used this for a week to see if it grows on me but I just really don’t like the smell of the product. The initial smell is very clean and earthy however once it was rinsed off I felt like it had a weird after smell. I can’t quite describe the way it smells, it’s almost a bit leafy, a bit lemony maybe and quite musky which personally I’m not keen on. If I had to describe it I would say it smells like you’ve had the product in your cupboard for a few years and in my opinion it definitely doesn’t smell like £15.


As you all know, I am very hard to please. I know what I like and a squeaky rubbery face is not how I like my face to feel after cleaning it. I know some people don’t mind that clean, squeaky feeling however for me it makes me cringe. I use a gel cleanser usually which feels super hydrating on the skin and leaves it feeling really soft and moisturised. This product to me feels quite drying so each time I used it I ended up rewashing my face with my go-to gel cleanser.


If I wasn’t aware of the £15 price point I would have guessed this is around £1/£2.

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