I can only imagine that probably every girl in the UK has used Studio Fix Foundation once in their lives and the fact it’s suitable for all skin types makes it an easy buy for most people. Often we’re so undecided on our skin type so when a product says it’s for everyone it’s an easy decision to make with very little thought. It’s also loved by so many makeup artists too, in fact every single MUA who has ever painted my face has always reached for this product over any other foundation so that’s promising. After each person who has applied it I have loved the finished look so I thought I’d treat myself to it.


Initially this foundation was only going to be my evening foundation as throughout the week I’m often on tubes and travelling so a thick coverage foundation is so unnecessary but as my highstreet foundation was out of stock I ended up using the Studio fix as my day time foundation – in my opinion – it’s not a day time foundation.  Don’t get me wrong – the coverage really is a dream – it’s everything you’d want in a foundation, it dries completely matte, it doesn’t oxidise on the skin, it’s absolutely flawless and it flashes up perfect for pictures HOWEVER, from continually using it for weeks everyday,  I’m experiencing a lot of break outs with it.


When I first applied this foundation I couldn’t get over how strong it smelt – it’s quite a chemically smell – very strong – but it’s not horrible – in fact I quite like the smell but it doesn’t smell like it’s good for your skin if that makes sense.


I would say if you’re gonna wear it you kind of need to apply a full face of makeup with it – it’s so heavy that it looks a bit stupid if you haven’t defined all the other areas of the face which is why I would now only use this as my evening foundation. I personally wouldn’t wear it as my day foundation as its way too heavy.


Now I can’t deny how it looks – it really does look amazing especially for the gram however I’ve noticed it literally rubs off on people’s clothes (SORRY BAE). You only have to touch it on someones top ever so gently and it transfers straight away – which is quite embarrassing and not something I’ve experienced before so for that reason I’m not a fan. I will continue to use the rest of the bottle for my weekend makeup looks but I don’t think I would repurchase due to the transferring on clothes and the break outs.

Rate or Hate?


Thank you so much for reading,


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