Last weekend me and my friend thought we’d do something a little out of the ordinary from our usual bar drinking. I saw my friend had taken a girl there for a date and when asked what he thought his response was, for the initial 5minutes it’s fun, then the novelty wears off and you’re a little over it. After attending myself with a total open mind here are my thoughts.

If you’ve never heard of Ballie Ballerson it’s basically a lively bar which has two ball pits, you know the kind of plastic balls you find at children’s play barns, yeah, that, but adult sized. Now the idea of it sounds really fun, we get to be big kids for the night sipping on crazy cocktails and of course taking our all important photo for the gram. But in reality I was not impressed at all.


Ball Pit Price: 

The price is £20 per person for a two-hour slot in the ball pit. I thought this was so pricey for what it was. All it is, is a space full of plastic balls however it was located in London so you can’t really expect anything less. I was a little confused that upon entry they couldn’t accept cash unless it was the full amount which I had to go to the bar to change-up myself – very odd. You also have to pay an additional £2-£5 to put your bag in the cloakroom as bags aren’t allowed in the ball pits.

Ball Pit Experience:

I can only agree with my friend, the ball pit was fun for the first five minutes and then you’re a bit like oh right, what do I do now? The ball pits are incredibly hot – they have huge fans down there (not that they helped much) and I was incredibly sweaty because you literally get sucked into the ball pit – kind of how you’d expect sinking sand to feel dragging you down. I can imagine if they did work outs in there in the day time it would really hit off as the amount of calories you must burn trying to get up is RIDICULOUS. I’m not gonna be totally negative – the first 5 minutes are fun – I couldn’t breathe from screaming and laughing so much because you literally can’t move and it’s hilarious trying to get yourself up however it’s not really a place I could spend more than 10 minutes in though. And I couldn’t think of anything worse than going here on a date either as not only does the pit smell sweaty, it’ll ruin your bouncy blow too – priorities aye!



I was super excited about the cocktails, mainly for the instagram photo but the lighting and the tables weren’t very instagrammable so it was a kind of waste. I wasn’t a fan of the taste of the cocktails either, I think they tasted really cheap and just not tasty – I didn’t even drink all my drink and that’s saying something! I wasn’t impressed with the look of them either – I think they tried too hard with trying to make it look really fun but feel they should have concentrated more on the taste. The Prosecco we ordered after was so sickly because it was so sweet, again tasted quite cheap and it was warm – yuk! The cocktails were around £10-£14 which is a pretty average price for cocktails although they weren’t worth the money if I’m honest.


Overall thoughts?

I personally wouldn’t go again, if maybe they sold me on the drinks I could consider it as a lively bar option however the drinks were not a bit of me so for that reason mainly, I will not be going again. I’d like to hear about your experiences so if you’ve been give me a message on Instagram, I’d love to hear about your experience!

Rate or Hate?


Thanks for reading always,


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