I did a little haul the other day so I thought I’d let you know my thoughts on a few products which I’ve tried and tested as you have all been keen to know what beauty products I use so here we are..

  1. Johnson’s Face Wipes £2.99 for two packs / BUY HERE


I have been loyal to these face wipes for literally 3/4 years now and no other face wipe I’ve tried comes close – I have tried various brands but honestly these are my absolute favourite. Before I wash my face or use any other skin care products I will always use a makeup wipe first especially when I’ve been wearing eye makeup. These are brilliant for removing even waterproof makeup because they remove it quickly but are still delicate enough not to irritate your eyes. They also come in different skin types too so there is a pack to suit everyone – I personally LOVE the lilac pack which is for evenings so I’ll often buy those too and use at night.

  • These wipes are super wet which helps get even the most stubborn of makeup off
  • They do not dry your face out afterwards
  • Makeup comes off easily
  • They smell clean
  • They leave no oily residue
  • They make your face hydrated and silky


2. Nip & Fab Dragons Blood Fix Pads / £9.99 / BUY HERE


I have been using either these or the Glycolic fix pads pretty much ever since they were launched. Personally I use these pads in the evenings once all my makeup is off because they’ll not only catch the bits you missed but they leave your skin feeling amazing afterwards. You can too, use them in the mornings but I seem to always be in a rush in the mornings so I make it part of my nightly routine instead.

  • Contains Witchhazel which helps to reduce the appearance of imperfections
  • Contains Hyaluronic acid helping to reduce pores
  • Can be used twice daily
  • Lightweight formula
  • Leaves your face feeling soft
  • No oily residue
  • Cleanses and tightens pores
  • Reduces redness
  • Smells amazing


3. Garnier Oil Infused Micellar Water / £3.99 / BUY HERE


Now I have heard loads about this product so much so that I just had to buy it to see for myself what I thought. I regularly use the pink bottle and I’m a huge fan so I was extremely excited to see if I would love this as much. So initially I was apprehensive in trying this because I can sometimes get oily skin and I was worried that if I start using an oily product that my skin would get oiler. This is not true, oily products working with oily skin actually counteracts each other leaving your skin less oily – who knew?! I have to be honest though, there is a slight residue left on the skin afterwards, not to the extreme where you’re shiny however you can still feel leftover product on the skin which personally I’m not a fan of. I also find the scent of this product pretty overwhelming – some go absolutely wild over the scent but I have a very sensitive sensory system and after 10 minutes I start to feel quite sick. The scent is far too strong for me and it’s actually a deal breaker which means I can’t continue to use it. It works amazingly at taking off your makeup and for leaving your skin feeling hydrated and soft however the scent is a huge no for me. If we’re also going to be finicky then I also don’t like the fact you have to shake the bottle before use – lazy I know but that’s just how I feel.

  • Suitable for dry and sensitive skin
  • Removes all waterproof makeup
  • 200 uses from the bottle
  • Non greasy formula


4. Nivea Lip Balm / £0.99 / BUY HERE


I have not gone a day without this lip balm ever since I can remember. I literally can’t remember life without this product so much so that if I was stranded on an island this would be my number 1 product I’d take with me. Fully a necessity in surviving I swear. I use it to prime my lips before lipliner, lipstick and even gloss as well as applying it all throughout the day to keep my lips hydrated. I probably am quite dependant on this product but at the affordable price of 99p it’s a habit I’m not gonna break the bank with.

  • Leaves your lips feeling super silky and smooth
  • Affordable price
  • Hydrates even the most chapped of lips
  • Can be used as a lip primer
  • Being bright blue it’s easily to locate in your makeup bag


5. OPI Alpine Snow / £13.50 / BUY HERE


If I’m honest I have a love/hate relationship with nail varnish. I do love having gel nails however when you use white, it doesn’t last very long as after a few days it starts to look a bit dirty. If I’m ever having white nails I’ll use nail polish without gels as I find the colour is a lot brighter and whiter. I can’t promise you it doesn’t chip though because it doesn’t take much for it to come off. I understand all nail polish chips off but I painted them on Saturday evening using a base and top coat plus two coats of the nail varnish and all ten of my nails have chipped after two days. I don’t think that’s particularly very long especially when you’re paying nearly £14 for the varnish. I’m not going to be completely negative as on my toes they haven’t and don’t chip at all for at least a week/two weeks. I guess your hands are more prone to chipping but it’s just quite time-consuming repainting your hands every two days. I do love the colour, it’s completely bright white and looks bomb AF with a tan. I’m not particularly the best painter but it has really easy application so for that reason I’m a fan.  I do tend to change my nail colour quite a lot so it’s not that much of a nuisance however I would expect it to last a little longer.

  • Bright white in colour
  • Easy application
  • Two coats needed to be true to colour
  • Looks amazing with a tan


6. Batiste Dry Shampoo Plus / £2.99 / BUY HERE


My friend was shocked when I told her that I wash my hair everyday but I just feel that it gets greasy really quickly and I just love the feeling of fresh smelling hair. After researching I found that almost every website said that washing your hair every day is a complete no no. When you’re washing your hair daily you actually strip the natural oils in your hair causing it to become more dry and brittle so I thought I’d give dry shampoo a try. I used to use the original one when I had lighter hair but now my hair is dark it basically looks like you’ve tipped talc on your hair so this one is dark brown which blends in easily. It does come off on your fingers slightly once you’ve rubbed it but that’s not a problem as it’s easily wiped away with water. I personally think this product is a god-send especially in my mission to try not to wash my hair as often. Not only am I trying to train my hair into not getting as greasy, I use semi-permanent hair dye so I don’t want it to fade too quickly either. At the moment I’m washing it up to three times a week which is a huge difference from the original 7 times previously. But it’s actually a lot easier than I thought – apparently the longer I do this – it’ll train my hair into not becoming greasy as quick so I’m looking forward to that but in the meantime I shall be using dry shampoo to absorb all excess oils!

  • Dark brown in colour
  • Only a few sprays are needed
  • Blends easily with the hair
  • Easily absorbs oil
  • Smells nice


7. Eylure Dybrow Brow Kit / £8.99 / BUY HERE


I bought this product in the 3 for 2 in Superdrug, I’ve never done this offer before as I usually buy my makeup online however as I needed a new beauty blender and my favourite foundation as so this actually didn’t cost me anything. My advice would be to wait until you need to buy two products so that you can get a third for free – maybe grab something you’ve wanted to try out for ages or something. Definitely a great money saver for sure. Any-who, getting your eyebrows tinted in the salon not only costs £10 every time but it doesn’t last long at all. When I have my brows tinted I would say that they roughly last around 4/5 days maybe because I wash my face a lot so it’s not really worth paying £40/£50 per month in getting it done when you can just do it yourself just as easy. This pack contains all the things you need to dye your brows from home and it is SUPER easy. The pack is a little intimidating – it says you need to measure mm of this and mm of that and I have no idea what that means so I just guessed – I mixed both of the solutions in a pot till it looked like a creamy paste and then applied. I would say that I probably took the dye off too prematurely because I was getting a bit nervous about seeing the results so I definitely think next time I’ll leave it on for the full duration if not a little longer. I used a cotton bud to make sure I was being precise as the dye can stain your skin which is not what you want and I applied the product with an old eyebrow makeup brush. You can get up to 12 applications from this box which means you’re paying 0.74p per dyeing session which is so much cheaper than getting it done via a salon.

  • It’s easy to use
  • You can get 12 applications from one box
  • They come in various different shades to suit every hair colour
  • It comes with everything you need


8. Tanya Whitebits Self Tanning mousse / £15.99 / BUY HERE


Okay so, I’m going to be reviewing this tan in a little more depth in a separate post as I literally feel every girl needs to try it so I’ll keep it brief. I was introduced to this tan just under a year ago and I absolutely love the colour it goes. I hate the word natural especially when it comes to describing fake tan however the colour literally looks like a real tan. You go a really warm golden colour which isn’t orange or fake looking so it’s one I reach for quite often. Another reason I love this tan is because it doesn’t smell horrible – as I’ve mentioned a few times in this post – scent is a make or break for me using any beauty product. Even if the product is the best in the world, if it smells bad I do not want to know. I also enjoy the fact there is a mini sized version giving you a chance to try the tan before you buy the full-sized version – I personally think all brands should do this as you can end up wasting so much money if you hate it. Their website is currently under construction at the moment but if you’re impatient like me then you can grab yourself a bottle on Etsy.

  • Drys instantly
  • Smells nice
  • Natural looking tan
  • Full sized and mini bottles


Thanks so much for reading – I showed you the price I paid for the items however some of the products are slightly more expensive in different shops online. Most of the products I bought on here were from Savers and Superdrug so they alter in price slightly.


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