We all know how bad sugary caffeinated drinks are, not only for obvious reasons such as our teeth and our bodies but I believe that a huge consumption of these energy drinks can contribute to negatively effecting our mental health too. It’s not dramatic to suggest that if you are finding yourself reaching for a can or two of these drinks on a regular basis that you should definitely be aware that relying on these kinds of products can only cause you problems in the long run. I read hundreds of articles on the internet and watched various programmes which concerned me so I made a conscious effort to make better choices as much as I could. Don’t get me wrong, I won’t deny myself of these drinks if I feel like having one, (especially on a hangover or when I visit the cinema) however, on a daily basis these are not the types of drinks I find myself reaching for. I may sound boring but unless I’m in the mood for a sugary treat then water, green tea or coffee is my choice of beverage.


Being so aware of the dangers of energy drinks I sometimes find water, green tea and coffee gets a little repetitive. I wanted something different which was still relatively healthy but something that maybe gave me a little health kick at the same time. I was shopping one morning for my lunch and I came across 3 different health shots in the sandwich section. I’ve never seen them in Tesco before but they looked super healthy and at only £1 I thought I’d give it a try. I chose the Wheatgrass flavour out of a choice of three as I’ve read that Wheatgrass is super beneficial for your body, containing 17 amino acids and known to be high in nutrition and antioxidants which sounds far more healthy than a sugary energy drink so I was excited to see how it’d taste.


Wheatgrass provides a concentrated amount of nutrients, including ironcalcium,magnesium, amino acids, chlorophyll, and vitamins A, C and E. Wheatgrass fans say that its rich nutrient content boosts immunity, kills harmful bacteria in the digestive system, and rids the body of wastes. – Google

  • This little shot contains Apple, Pineapple, Wheatgrass, Spinach and Lime juices but predominantly Apple is the flavour which is most overpowering.
  • It’s like a smoothie but just not as creamy in consistency, definitely more of a watered down version but still full of taste and flavour.
  • These little shots are £1 and although it takes one second to drink you’re paying for the nutritional value I would assume so it’s well worth the money to me.


As you can see above, it’s a complete natural product, there isn’t 1274579373 ingredients that you have literally no clue what it is, it’s healthy, good for you and tastes gorgeous! A bit of a different post than usual but I thought I’d share with you my little find and I encourage you to try one for yourself.

Healthy alternatives to energy drinks:

  • Green Tea
  • Mint Tea
  • Water
  • Lemon Water
  • Cranberry juice
  • Coconut water
  • Home made smoothies

Thanks for reading,


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