Honestly, is there anything better than a boiling hot shower, one so hot that the entire room steams up like a steam room? See for me I would choose a shower over a bath any day however when you have baths there are much more exciting products out there like bath bombs, bubble baths etc, making your bath that little more interesting and with a shower it’s pretty much just shower gel. I thought about this the other day whilst I was shopping so I thought I’d give more thought into my purchases and tried to find one that I could look forward to using everyday. I came across the Original source range, one I’m quite familiar with as I’ve used these before, they are cheap, smell great and are made with natural ingredients so it’s an easy choice if I’m in a rush. I was getting slightly bored of the scents I was buying so I popped into Savers to see if they had expanded on their range, that’s when I found this little beauty, ‘Rhubarb & Rasberry’.


I would never usually write a post on shower gel however I just simply couldn’t resist with this product. As mentioned above I have tried various different Original Source shower gels before but nothing compares to this one, it is literally mouth-watering. I think it was only about £2 in Savers and I am fully obsessed. The product feels super silky on your skin and I’m sure the four essential oils contribute to how hydrated your skin feels afterwards. The consistency of the product is a gel type formula which is easily washed away with water leaving a slight fragrance on your skin afterwards. Also the product is pink so how could I not love it!?

Why Original Source?

  • They use 100% natural fragrance
  • They aren’t tested on animals
  • They’re vegan friendly
  • They use natural fragrance oil
  • They are recyclable

I know this kind of post is a little different to my usual beauty posts but I just love sharing with you my beauty finds and this one is definitely a winner for me!

Thanks so much for reading as always,


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