This week I was kindly gifted a brand new mascara from glamourbeautyclub and they had sent me the brand new Nars Mascara to try out, Climax.

The Nars brand is well-known for their controversial product names so I wasn’t shocked when I saw that this mascara too, had a cheeky name. My first impressions are positive, I really like their packaging, the mascara is super sleek and has a nice weighty feel to it. I’m also a fan of the deep red packaging, there is a small white Nars logo on the side of the product too, very simple and something I could definitely see in my makeup bag.

I would say that the mascara is quite natural looking, so if you’re a natural mascara-wearer then this product would probably be perfect for you. It’s definitely not clumpy and it does do a good job in separating the lashes but for me I expect more drama, more boldness and I quote ‘Volume that reaches its peak’.

Screen Shot 2018-08-29 at 21.31.45

I did read the product description which stated that it’s a buildable mascara with ‘unstoppable volume’ which ‘keeps building until you say when’ but that was not the case in my opinion. I did layer on the product multiple times but nothing really changed, it’s disappointing because I was expecting big things with a name like Climax so unfortunately for me I wouldn’t be rushing to buy myself one anytime soon.

If you watch my Instagram stories you’ll know that I live in my false lashes, I just love how they transform your eyes so much more than a mascara can so I very rarely wear it if I’m honest. Personally for me, to name a product with such a strong meaning behind it, has only disappointed me further as if anything it was more of an anti-climax for me. I felt the brush was too big which meant I found it quite difficult to reach my lashes from the root to tip and in my opinion the overall result wasn’t powerful enough. And as much as I’d like to fake my enthusiasm for this product, you know I just can’t.

So my overall opinion of this mascara is, I don’t hate it but equally I don’t love it either and for a price point of £21.50 it would have to be pretty amazing for me to ditch my falsies. So I’m sorry to say that this product simply didn’t live up to its name and I was not sold!

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