Tonight Josephine is a lively, fun and intimate cocktail bar in Waterloo, London. It’s about a 5 minute walk from Waterloo station in between a Tesco and a William Hill betting shop! If you’re stuck on where to find it just look for the pink signs and pink billboard outside which reads ‘Why the f*ck can’t I have fun all the time’? To be honest with you, why can’t we? I cannot bare misery, misery loves company and who wants to go through life complaining and moaning, there’s fun to be had and what better way to spend your evening than in this quirky little cocktail bar!


‘Joséphine knew what she wanted, she made her own rules and didn’t give a damn what anyone thought. She started as a nobody but with sass, hustle and a little bit of luck, she became the Empress of the French.’



Waterloo, London, SE1 8UL



We went at 8pm and I would say, definitely 100% percent book a table! We had our table booked a few weeks before we went and when we arrived every single table was full up, there are options to stand at the bar but to be honest, who wants to stand up all evening, make sure you grab yourself a table!


Average drink price £9-£13.


First impressions, the doorman was friendly and inviting, you don’t usually get this from bouncers but he certainly made us start our evening off in the right way, straight positive vibes! And to be fair, all the staff are SOOO friendly (especially Sam), although the place was absolutely rammed, the staff definitely put the customers first and genuinely look like they enjoy their job. They can obviously handle the pressure and that makes your evening much more enjoyable, even silly things like one staff member had like 226374883 glasses in his hand, but still insisted we go through the gap first, very gentlemanly behaviour and it gets noted! Also their uniform reads; ‘Excuse my french’ – The little details are just everything.

The cocktail bar plays up to date pop music, kind of like all the songs you sing at the top of your voice in the car kinda vibes, very girly, very fun! It’s somewhere I would personally take the girls for a girly night out rather than date night.

The toilets are what even caught our attention to go there in the first place as on each toilet door had a celebrity mugshot, (Paris Hilton, Pamela Anderson, Justin Bieber and Lindsay Lohan)!. VIBES! They have the coolest wallpaper ever saying things like ‘fries before guys’, ‘cute but psycho but cute’, ‘don’t want no scrubs’ which added extra sass to the venue which I must say is rather fun to read whilst you pee; #bathroomgoals.

Dress Code

We went on a Thursday evening at around 8pm and the vibe was pretty much female dominated with an exception of a few guys. On a Thursday I’m guessing it’s just full of people who have just come from work as the dress code was pretty casual. You could be let in with a pair of trainers, and you won’t feel like a dick in heels. It’s literally however you wanna dress, dress. There are no rules.



Like Josephine once said ‘Well behaved women don’t make history’ so I channeled her sassy quote and made sure I tried a different cocktail each time, nothing good ever came from comfort zones so I made sure I was daring with my choices!

‘Don’t always play it safe because you’ll forever be wondering!’

I recommend you try the ‘No time for Napoleon’ or the Porn star martini! We tried the ‘Toasted popcorn sour’ but not being a lover of Jack Daniels, I found that one the hardest to drink, the initial taste was amazing but after a while I could taste the Jack Daniels which is far too strong for me; so if you’re a Jack Daniels drinker omg then you need to get this one!

Processed with VSCO with c1 presetProcessed with VSCO with c1 presetIMG_0528.jpg

Perfect for

A Girls night out!


PIT: The toasted popcorn sour cocktail wasn’t a bit of me!

PEAK: No time for Napoleon cocktail was a dream!


Thank you to Tonight Josephine for having me, I had the best time and I absolutely love how instagrammable your venue is and I’m obsessed with your instagram page!


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