If you’re following me on Instagram you’ll have seen a brief series of stories explaining my experience of laser hair removal but as there were so many questions I thought I’d create this post so you can get more of an in-depth answer to what actually laser hair removal is and of course get to know the answer to the most popular asked question ‘did it hurt’?

I would say I’m very particular about who I go to for beauty treatments, I go by their overall vibe, their tone of voice in their messages and of course their online image. I saw @kaliclinic had followed me and I checked them out, I asked a million questions and she answered each and every one clearly, in detail and didn’t once fob me off or get impatient with my inquisitiveness. As a blogger, to get the most out of my experiences I need to ask all the questions you lovely lot are curious to know and sometimes are embarrassed to ask so in this post I will share it all.

Ok so the first question which crossed my mind was ‘Does it hurt’..I’m not going to lie, of course I did my research on laser hair removal but I didn’t get a definitive answer on the actual pain scale and that made me super apprehensive as I am a total baby and my pain thresh hold is literally 0/100. A few humans said it hurt and a few said it was absolutely pain-free but come on, after bailing out half way through a hollywood wax, I knew no one at this point could be trusted. Whoever says waxing doesn’t hurt, is a liar. Any-who, I had my first session with @kaliclinic on Friday and I can actually say from the bottom of my heart, it does not hurt. It does however feel, weird. I was trying to explain via video how it felt but I just couldn’t explain it. This is how I would explain it, It feels like a massage but with an object but instead you see flashing red lights which alarm you to feel scared but the actual process isn’t painful, burny or uncomfortable. It feels like a feeling, sometimes cosy and warm but other times just nothingness. The point is, it definitely feels like a sensation, but it’s not a pain, it just feels like maybe abnormal?

How do I prepare for my treatment?

Before your treatment all you have to do is shave the area that is being worked on. That is all. You must also not go on a Sunbed 3 days prior to your treatment.

How long does the hair removal last?

So @kaliclinic advised that it should never be called ‘permanent hair removal’, it’s more ‘hair reduction’. So ideally after your 6/8 sessions the idea is to only go back maybe once per year if it grows back.

How long does a laser hair removal session last?

The session in total lasts around 30 minutes.

On a scale of 1-10 what’s the pain rating?

She assured me there would be no pain, it’s a heat sensation and the most heat you’ll experience is if someone put a hot tea-spoon on your skin but if the heat was too hot there is a cooling system on the laser so it completely freezes over so it’s literally nothing to be scared of. It will not burn you, it doesn’t even feel that hot but you constantly speak with her throughout the treatment and let her know so she can control the temperature. You want it to be warm enough to get the most out of the treatment so don’t be a baby, the hottest is level 5 and that wasn’t even hot so you are good, I promise.

Which areas can she do laser hair removal on?

Upper Lip, Chin, Face, Neck, Under arms, Chest, Nipples, Stomach, Intimate areas, Buttocks, Legs, Feet, Toes, Fingers, Hands, Shoulders and Back so yeah pretty much everywhere!

Can it only be done with dark hair?

Nope, it can be done on Blondes too however it’ll take slightly longer to achieve a result. They can’t however treat white/grey hair.

What if I’m on my period the day of my laser?

As long as you’re comfortable it can still go ahead, just pop a tampon in prior to your session and tuck it under so it’s not hanging out. Some people don’t like the idea of it however it’s not a problem should you wish to still attend.

If I choose to get an intimate area done how exposed will I be to the aesthetician? 

I can’t lie to you, you will be fully exposed. When you go for a wax, you’re hidden with paper pants and they do each part in sections so you’re never fully naked however with this treatment it’s impossible to hide your mooey.

How exposed?

So you legit take off your bottom half completely and lie on the bed with your mooey out, if you’re getting your bikini line done too then yes your legs will be slightly opened to get the laser over as much of the area as possible.

What was the process like from start to end?

Ok so you get on the bed, you’re asked to slip on some really sexy black goggles to protect your eyes from the lasers (the lasers are really bright and red so goggles are a MUST), she also wears goggles to protect hers too. Safety first and all that jazz. Next she’ll apply some sort of gel to the area which’ll help the laser glide across your skin easier. Then she’ll just glide this laser up and down until every area is covered. It’s weirdly quite relaxing?

I saw your video you looked like it hurt a bit?

The unknown is something I’ve always been scared of. Every beauty treatment I’ve ever had I’m super anxious, I’m scared of pain. But everything I’ve had done, bar waxing, has been completely painless so I guess I was worried (and I’ve even had my brows tattooed). When a lady waxes you she’ll smile in your face and say, don’t worry it won’t hurt and then you’re literally crying after she rips it off haha, so I guess I have a hard time trusting beauticians. At the end of the day everyone’s pain threshold is completely different however, the phrase ‘hair REMOVAL’ is the part which makes your brain think something is getting ripped out. Personally I’d call it laser hair reduction instead as that sounds less threatening loool.

How many sessions until you’re noticeably hair free?

I think they advise 6/8 sessions and if there’s still a vast amount of hair you want gone, then continue until you’re happy.

How long will it take?

It’s definitely not a quick process, each session you have to wait 6 weeks between each so for 6/8 sessions we’re talking like 8 months maybe until you’re hair free.

If I have my mooey done, what’s the process like after? Is it sensitive?

You can’t Sunbed for up to 7 days, but everything else you’re good to go. Nope the second you leave, it’s like nothing has happened and yes you can even have sex afterwards.

How much is it?

The prices range from £40-£150 and depending on how many areas you get done could be discounted too!

£40 x 6 sessions = £240 (Every 6 weeks)

£80 x 6 = 6 sessions = £480 (Every 6 weeks)

£150 x 6 = 6 sessions = £900 (Every 6 weeks)

That’ll give you a rough idea on the costing of this treatment.

Why laser hair removal?

To be honest, although shaving is quick and easy, it’s just repetitive and it just grows back within 3 seconds and waxing is a straight no way in hell so I thought I’d see what other options were out there.

Will you update us on the process?

100% I’ll update you on my experience and overall whether or not it worked so in the meantime keep an eye out on my instagram stories to keep up with my journey.

Where did you get it done?

I had my treatment done at @kaliclinic which is based in Essex, Harlow. The salon is absolutely lovely, clean and the beautician is fabulous. She made me feel super comfortable and relaxed and I just overall felt a really warm vibe from her.

Do they offer any other treatments or just Laser?

They offer:

Screen Shot 2018-08-26 at 18.51.35

Do they have an instagram?

Yes, follow @kalicinic on instagram, she always puts out amazing offers, discounts and competitions so it’s definitely worth a follow.

Do they have a website?

Yassss, it’s

Screen Shot 2018-08-26 at 18.53.02.png

I’d just like to say a massive thank you to Georgina at Kali Clinic for welcoming me into her salon to experience Laser Hair Removal, I’m so excited to be able to blog my journey with such a wonderful Salon and I’m looking forward to seeing the results.


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