The inspiration behind this post was when I was scrolling down my explore page on Instagram and I came across a photo that was edited really quirky, so naturally I clicked on the comments to see if I could work out the app that they used. I wasn’t surprised when all of the people who commented were being ignored so I thought nah, it’s an app, it’s not that deep. So I thought I would create a post spilling all of your favourite instagrammers secrets so you can too, be in the know. You’re welcome.

  1. PERFECT 365

What’s it used for – Editing makeup on your face basically. You can literally upload a makeup free selfie and then edit makeup onto your face, it’s mental how these apps can change a photo so much with a click of a button. It has a really good ‘soften skin’ tool which smoothes out your skin and removes any blemishes but make sure you keep it around 15% as anymore and it will remove too much detail on your face and make you look really cartoon like. It’s also popular for its ‘whiten teeth’ tool, ‘circles‘ tool, which removes your under eye bags and there is even an ‘enlarge‘ tool which makes your eyes bigger, I’m unsure why you’d want that however each to your own. Although it has a few tools on there which I think may be taking things too far such as the ‘slim face‘ tool it’s quite a good app to have if you want to slightly tweak your photos.


Tools used: 1

  • I made my skin super airbrushed, Soften skin

Tools used: 11

  • To smooth out my skin to give it an airbrush finish, Soften skin 
  • Darker purple eyeshadow, Eyeshadow
  • Darkened my eyebrows, Eyebrows
  • Changed my eye colour, Eye colour
  • Brightened the whites of my eyes, Brighten
  • Added glitter to my eyes, Glitter
  • Changed my lip colour to a paler pink, Lipstick
  • I enlarged my eyes, Enlarge
  • I slimmed my face down, Slim face
  • Lifted my cheeks slightly, Lift cheeks
  • Contoured my nose, Enhance nose


What’s it used for? – Face tune is a very popular app which most of us are guilty of using. It’s very good at removing spots by using the ‘patch‘ tool. And yes if there is chewing gum on the floor I have been guilty of removing it this way. It also has a ‘smooth‘ skin tool which is quite similar to the 365 ‘soften skin‘ tool except this one gives you more control and you can choose which parts you want smoothed out. It’s extremely good for smoothing out the wrinkles around the mouth in particular. If you’re wondering how people get the entire background white, then it’s actually the ‘whiten‘ tool which is also used to whiten teeth. It’s also known for altering the shapes of your body by using ‘reshape, refine and resize‘ tool.


Tools used: 2

  • I removed spots, blemishes and my mole, Patch
  • Smoothed my skin out around the mouth, nose and forehead area, Smooth


What’s it used for? – This app is famous for creating coloured lights over your image, for creating the ‘dusty’ or ‘grain’ effect and it has a range of cool filters to use too. This was my first editing app I used when I got my iphone, I was obsessed with it!


Tools used: 2

  • Added multi-coloured lights, Light leak
  • Added a dusty grain effect, Dusty


What it’s used for? – Making collages with your images without a watermark! If you want 4 images in one, or a photo side by side, this is the best app as it doesn’t write all over your photo.



What’s it used for? – This app is used to mirror flip an image. I searched for ages trying to find this as when I take selfies with the back camera I want to flip it! I think that’s why we all love snapchat to be honest as it’s a mirror image of what you see.


6. UNUM 

What’s it used for? – If you’re obsessed with your feed looking a certain way and you have a slight OCD with how to arrange your photos then UNUM is the perfect app for you. Before this app I was giving up with my instagram as too many selfies in a row looked messy or the colours didn’t match but this app lets you see how your instagram would look! I use it every single day to plan my feed and I don’t think I’d enjoy instagram as much without it.



What it’s used for? Well for me I use it so I can get a full photo on whatsapp without having a weird background but you can do loads on this app. I also use it to resize my quotes so they are visible in the insta square. They have some amazing filters too, I’ve had a play around and they are really good although I find myself sticking to the other apps for that part. You can also create borders around your images but I’m team full-sized photos on instagram as I think your feed looks way cleaner and more professional but that’s up to you to decide.



What’s it used for? HUJI is the most kept secret app. No one wants anyone to have this app but it’s really not that deep. This app edits your photos as you take it so you don’t need to do anything to it, how cool is that?! It also makes you look mega brown which in my case is a win win for me as I loveeeeeee a tan! If you like old skool vintage looking photos then this one is a winner.

2018-07-01 180548.587.JPG


What’s it used for? – Lightroom is a brilliant app for changing the exposure and the contrast of an image but in a more technical way leaving the detail still in the image. I only downloaded it at the weekend so I have had much experience using the app however look at the below difference? It changes the image so much just by adjusting the images exposure!


Tools used: 2

  • I used brightness and exposure to emphasise the colours to correct it slightly as the sun was washing my image out completely! The small changes has made the colours look way more vibrant!


What’s it used for? – Are you wondering how these bloggers are making their stories look ever so professional? Well I didn’t take much notice at first, I initially thought they were screenshotting their blog and that they all had the same blog template but then I realised it was in actual fact an app! It makes your stories look ultra sleek and sexy and if you want to make it look all neat then this app is PERFECT for you.

IMG_8853 (1).PNG

I hope you enjoyed part 1 of editing apps exposed. Stay tuned for part 2 where I share more secrets in the editing world! Hope this post helped you guys in someway, thanks for reading! LOVE DT XO

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