7 Items / 5 Panty liners, 5 Pads & 18 Tampons

“Be proud of what your body achieves and be patient with it when it struggles”

Today I received my Pink Parcel subscription box which is basically a subscription box service for your time of the month aka when you’re on your period. The box I was sent was called the ‘Glow’ edition including products which’ll help you glow from the inside out. This brand in particular was the UK’s first ever period subscription service and they have created a box full of essential items to use whilst you’re on your period which arrives to your door once a month. What I love most about this brand is what it represents for Women, sending the message to end period shame and to educate, inform and support a very normal and natural process which is often considered as taboo. They also run a programme where if you have any unused products left over then you can donate them and they will be sent to Binti, The Red box project and York road project to help tackle period poverty – how amazing is that?

The parcel is separated into 4 sections, they have provided you with a ‘For Later’, ‘For Now’ and ‘For Night’ box along with a little bag which include some tampons and some panty liners. I received a Betty Box a few months ago and I actually have started using the little bag to put my tampons in, it’s such a brilliant idea as it prevents them falling out when you’re reaching for your purse, least this way it’s totally discreet.

For Now

This section of the box is full of things to cheer you up, when you’re on your period it’s normal to be feeling a bit down so having a little box just for you makes you almost looking forward to that time of the month.

IMG_1593 copy.jpg

What was inside it?

  • Magnitone WipeOut – I was so curious about this product, it’s basically a soft microfiber cloth which removes makeup without needing any products or remover. I am slightly dubious about this working but I am going to definitely use it and let you know the verdict because it claims it can even remove eye makeup with only using warm water.

I researched this brand and apparently it’s perfect for those with sensitive skin and eyes, it can be machine washed to up to 1000 times (30degrees) and can remove even oil based products! I’m excited to see if it does work because I go through so many face wipes which isn’t very eco-friendly, so if this works then that would be an amazing replacement. What’s not to love?

  • Balance Me Flash Cleanse Micellar Water – I am a lover of Micellar water, I use the Garnier one and it removes all makeup without leaving any oil residue on my skin (which I cannot stand). This product smells of Camomile which if you watch my Instagram stories will know I LOVE the smell of Camomile products (and even Camomile tea, it’s good if you have anxiety). The feeling is very similar to the Garnier one, your face feels matte and clean with absolutely no shine. Personally I would use this one for my night-time regime as I just find the scent really calming and most of my night products are quite similar smelling. It also contains Hyaluronic acid (the best for your skin) which helps to brighten your complexion and to help keep the moisture locked in without drying out your skin.
  • Mud Masky Sleep Repair Renewal Nourishing Mask – This is a face mask where you apply it before you go to sleep and then sleep in the mask for up to 10 hours and then remove in the morning. It states that it has an instant application formula meaning it’s absorbed instantly into the skin leaving no residue on your pillow. It also contains shea butter which is known to revitalise a dull complexion leaving your skin feeling brighter. I have never tried something like this before so I’m keen to see what it would be like.
  • Mud Masky Facial Detox Purifying Recovery Mask – I actually tried this one on last night whilst watching the Football but as it started to harden it was virtually impossible to cheer when we scored as it makes your face so tight. Mud masks are especially good for tightening up your pores, helping to reduce the signs of ageing and helping to fight against acne. A little tip I have is to apply the mask on with a makeup brush that way you can insure it gets applied evenly and very little mess!
  • Jelly Pong Pong Stardrops – I was literally so obsessed when I tried out this product on my skin. I’m a mixologist when it comes to my makeup, I mix all of my foundations, lip sticks and creams because I just love something which is totally personal to me so this product is a winner. I love strobe creams or Dew the Hoola to mix into my foundation to give me an overall glow so this one is another alternative. The colour is a gorgeous pearly champagne tone which has light reflected pigments in to bounce light all over your face. I am in LOVE. What’s amazing about this product is the fact you can double it up as a highlighter, two in one, obsessed!
  • Joe & Sephs Popcorn with Caramel & Belgian Chocolate – It’s so weird because who the hell doesn’t love popcorn? I used to absolutely hate it with a passion and even more so hated the smell of it but it’s 2018 and I’m now converted. These are only 85 calories too which makes it the perfect snack for when you need your sweet fix. I probably personally wouldn’t purchase this myself as I found it slightly chewier than the popcorn I’m used to however I still ate the bag though didn’t I..
  • We Are Tea Super Berry Infusion Tea – If you follow me on Instagram you’ll know how much I love Green tea!! There are just so many amazing benefits from switching your usual tea to green so it’s definitely something you should consider. If I’m going to be honest with you, I’d usually go for a mint or lemon tea as that’s my personal taste as I’m not too keen on Berry flavours.

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For Later

This part in particular was filled with tampons, I think there were around 18 in total.

For Night

Before you order a subscription box you can state your preferences on whether you use tampons or pads and anything you don’t use you can donate to charity :). In my case the night section was filled with pads which I’m going to be donating to charity.

How does the subscription work?

Ok so, it would be kinda silly if everyone was sent a box on the same day each month as we are all on at different times so that wouldn’t be very clever. Luckily they let you choose a date to receive your box so it comes just in time for your period.

How much is it?

The price of this box is £12.99 (and its free delivery), it’s a monthly plan which can be cancelled at anytime. If you choose to stick to a 3, 6 or 12 month plan you will receive the boxes at a discount rate. The contents of this box comes to around £75 and for only £12.99 I think that’s so affordable. If you were to use my discount code ‘DANIELLE20’ you will receive 20% off your first box! So even if you wanted to try it out for one month it would only cost you around £10 which is literally a bargain especially for all the ‘For you’ products inside. Totally worth it!


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