Fire and Ice facials are known to be a red carpet must-have, favourited by the likes of Michelle Keegan, Halle Berry and Gwyneth Paltrow. When I read up on google about this facial there were mixed reviews, one saying that the ‘fire’ part of the facial was left on too long and she was red for a few days. Obviously google is your best and worst enemy however I trusted my facialist in reassuring me that it wasn’t going to happen.


Over the past 3 or 4 months, I would say I have experienced a mild form of acne on the left side of my face, it’s slightly on the right too but more noticeably visible on the left which is making me feel very conscious. I’ve never had bad skin (thank god) so I didn’t really know what to do about it. I’ve done the obvious things like double cleanse, exfoliate, increase my water intake, (I do eat very healthy), even stopped using fake tan on my face but nothing has worked so far. It’s unusual because I’ve never experienced bad skin so I just assumed it was a rare outbreak and I was just hoping it would just go away on its own, but 4 months down the line and it’s still here.


After being offered a facial of my choice from the lovely Sian at @siancleakskincare I made sure I read up on what each one could offer me. Fire and Ice facials are one of the leading facials in the beauty industry which already excited me, it’s a Hollywood go-to so if it’s good enough for Beyonce then I’m sure it’ll do for lil old me. This treatment is a peel which combines Glycolic acid and Retinol (stimulates new skin cells) which will help to resurface and treat problematic skin eg. acne, so I thought this one would be perfect for me!

So when I first entered the room, I was handed a form which basically was a questionnaire based on what I usually do with my skin. What kind of products I’m using, do I go on sunbeds (guilty), am I allergic to anything, all those kinds of questions. And no one is judging you, to get the most out of your facial just be honest with your facialist. They just need to know before they touch your skin what products to use, how much your skin can take, bla bla bla so definitely tell the truth. I usually get a bit uncomfortable when people ask me what products I use because sometimes I’ve felt obliged to buy their products even though I know I won’t be using it and when you’ve come for a relaxing facial you don’t want to be left feeling awkward for not buying anything. Sian wasn’t pushy at all, she explained a few products to me which she thought I’d love and left it at that, that way I can make my own informed decision later on if I wanted anything.

I’m not going to lie to you, I did lie on the bed feeling slightly nervous, I have had a chemical peel before which was on my skin for LITERALLY 10 seconds before I made the beautician take it off because my skin is so sensitive so I just wasn’t ready to deal with a red blotchy face all week. Sian reassured me over and over that my skin was not going to go bright red or blotchy or even hurt for that matter, and she was in fact telling the truth. After she cleansed my face etc she applies the first part of the facial the ‘fire’ part..maybe it’s the name that scared me but this was not bad at all. If I had to rate the ‘pain’ I would say it feels 1.5/10, it’s not even pain but it feels slightly warming and maybe a slight tingle? Not even strong enough to make your eyes water so I was genuinely worrying over nothing. I do use Glycolic pads at home (the nip and fab ones) so maybe my skin has  already built up more of a resistance to the acid. After this part, it’s then taken off and then the ‘ice’ part of the facial is applied which is a cooling mask which btw smells amazing and then after that she tops me up with some SPF which is the best anti-ageing secret known to life and off I went with glowing skin, feeling all relaxed and confident.

I would say my skin felt instantly brighter afterwards which is not unusual after a facial, especially one as intense as this, but the real results will be more noticeable a few weeks after the session. I have been given three amazing products to continue with for two weeks to see if there are any improvement with my scars and acne so I’m excited to see if they have helped at all. I was given a serum which reduces pores and reduces breakouts, a serum which treats scar tissue and increases collagen and lastly a serum which cools, calms and soothes skin helping to reduce mild breakouts. I will definitely post a before and after photo after the two weeks so you guys can see for yourself my results.

It has now been almost 3 weeks since my facial and I thought I’d share with you my results. To be honest, I am shocked at the difference, it’s almost gone and I’m actually so surprised. I think the facial is quite expensive however, the results speak for themselves, my skin has pretty much cleared up and I have some of my confidence back!

IMG_9927.JPGI’d just like to say a massive thank you to @Siancleakskincare for my amazing facial, I’m so so happy with my results. In the meantime my hunssss, if you’re looking for any beauty treatments then give her a follow, she’s based in Tony & Guy in Hertford (5 min walk from Hertford East station) and she offers lots of treatments from facials to waxing and even massages!

Feel free to DM me on instagram @XO_DT if you have any questions in regards to my experience with my facial, I’d be happy to answer 🙂



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