My friend Nicola (@thisgirlcanorgasnise) was sent this subscription box the other day and because she knows I review subscriptions she thought it would be good for me to review it too. I think the concept of this box is such a brilliant idea and I’m gutted that there was nothing like this around when I was younger (how old am I sounding right now). Lots of my followers are quite young so although the age range for this box is between ages 11-16 I thought I’d cover the topic anyway.




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And we love periods. We want the conversation about periods, pads and puberty to get a little more interesting and a lot more fun. Take a look around!

The idea behind this subscription box is that it’s specifically designed for your ‘time of the month’ which in other terms, when you’re on your period. It might feel embarrassing, overwhelming, or even scary when you have your period but there is absolutely nothing to worry about. This box encourages you to feel informed and in-the-know of everything period related and they even have a little box inside full of treats just for you! This box will come to your house once a month full of the feminine hygiene products you need along with some added beauty/lifestyle extras. When you subscribe you will be given the option to choose a delivery date which is as close to your period as possible ensuring it arrives just in time! The price of the box is £12.99 and that includes the delivery costs too. If you’re unhappy with the service or you simply just don’t wish to subscribe any longer you can cancel at any time with no fee.


What’s inside the box?

You have 4 sections. One section is for the day pads. One section for evening pads. A section for tampons and a section specifically ‘for you’ which is full of beauty/lifestyle products.

  • Browcote Waterproof brow gel
  • The Smarter Tea Green Tea
  • Trifle Cosmetics body lotion
  • L.A Girl Glazed lip paint
  • Candy Kittens gourmet sweets
  • Merci Handy hand gel
  • Green Tea blotting paper


If you’re interested in purchasing your own Bettybox then be sure to check them out online, they can also be bought as a gift too, how cute!

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