One night when I couldn’t sleep I started searching a billion things on google, does anyone else do that or is that just me? Anyways, I typed in ‘London’s most instagrammable hotel rooms’ and this is how I came across, Qbic! Qbic was recommended on literally every site that I fell upon and after checking everyone’s photos, I was sold!

We believe in something better than what’s currently out there. A place that celebrates life rather than sucks life out of it. A hotel that’s built on creativity and a belief that you don’t have to accept the conventional. Somewhere that sends you away with fun stories and ideas, and is easy on your pocket. – Qbic Hotel



So Qbic hotel is based in London right in the heart of Bricklane and 5 minutes away from Shoreditch. The hotel is tucked away down Alder street which is directly opposite a park and 10 seconds walking distance from a Tesco Express. The journey from Aldgate east station and the hotel will take you around 1 minute to walk so you definitely do not need to Uber your journey and the hotel has a car park should you wish to drive up there which is an additional £15 per day.


Check In/Out

Check in is at 3pm and check out is at 11am.


229 The Cosy Room

First Impressions

My first impression was ‘this place is so instagrammable‘ along with putting my stuff down and taking a few photos of the reception! The hotels decor is super funky and unique which for a photographer, there is so much content to document! I was in my element!

Honestly, talk about being extra, this check in is SUPER sassy. So you are welcomed with an ipad instead of a human and you have to fill in your name and your booking reference number (super easy nothing complicated) and then you pick up a card from the little pile and you create your own key! It’s little quirks like this that add to a memorable experience.

I’ve never taken much notice of a lift before but these lifts have the edgiest decor and are full of humorous slogans. This adds a cheeky tone to the hotel and creates a playful/friendly vibe.

FA701B93-9B9C-4656-8DBD-F85064404798 (1).jpgD36E5E3C-3A1C-4A6E-A766-0B61DA2932D7 (1).jpg111A3B67-39BE-41DD-B071-A3E5CF6D6F0B (1).jpg8AC5A740-DAE7-4638-A9F5-C2F07CC9ADBC.jpg


Ok so you have a huge king sized bed in the middle of the room, seriously the comfiest bed ever. I actually read up on their choice of beds after sleeping in it because I wanted to know the secret. The bed is hand crafted, natural and organically made from Devon which makes sense seeing as this is the greenest hotel in London. The bed was that comfy that I snoozed my alarm about 5 times! Also to make things even harder the curtains black out the room into total darkness so the only thing dragging me out that bed was the shower!

Each room has its own design and headboard making it the feature of the room. I had a look online to see their options and I must say the dog headboard was my favourite out of the choices. I had the headboard with three girls at Bricklane, keeping it relevant to the area we were staying in. The headboard just gave the room a touch of personality and I think it’s such an interesting focal point.


They had a huge plasma TV at the end of the bed which made my Sunday morning hangover that touch more bareable, not having to even move from the bed was a godsend, amazing! This is the type of room where it would be perfect for if it’s pouring down with rain outside and you have nothing to do but just snuggle watching films, I think that’s the reason behind the room being called the ‘Cosy Room’.

There is free tea/coffee available on every floor but they aren’t in your room. I personally would prefer a little kitchen station in my hotel room but at least it is available if you need it. They do however supply you with a complimentary bottle of water and two glasses in your room.

2E7296C9-5BB2-4900-B4BC-CF12FCF6EEB1 (1).jpg

I was obsessed with the ‘mood’ lighting. There is a panel next to your bed which controls all the lighting in the room and I now know what they mean when they say ‘mood lighting’. It makes you look all brown and flatters your body and sets the ‘mood’. Whatever that may be. Also may I add, the selfie lighting in the room as a whole was a 10/10 too!

180F3894-452C-4C6A-8A55-B4AD0DF9FBAB (1).jpg

I think it’s so important when there’s two of you getting ready to have decent mirrors because everyone needs their own space to get ready. There’s one mirror on the bathroom door, one in the bathroom and a full length mirror on the hotel room door.


To add even more sass to the room, the bathroom actually backs onto the bed with a sliding door to open it, it felt like you was in space or something haha! So the bathroom is actually huge. What I would be mindful of, if you’re a new couple, the door doesn’t fully shut as it’s a sliding door so maybe run the tap if you need extra privacy on the toilet!


  • SINK

I mean why shower alone when you can save water and shower together? Honestly the walk in rain shower is amazing, it’s super hot and definitely big enough for two people to stand under. I’m wondering whether this was done on purpose seeing as the hotel is the greenest hotel in London? Who knows but either way, the shower was amazing, I didn’t want to get out.

They do not have a bath because the main attraction of this hotel is the fact it’s a green one so they are being mindful of saving as much water as possible, team Qbic!

They have two shower gels (smelt lovely) and one hand wash. I wasn’t aware they had shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste at reception so I actually popped to Tesco for those but that’s not a problem, I should have asked! They do however have a hairdryer plugged into the wall which is handy as that often takes up most of your suitcase. And for those scared about getting their hair wet by the rain shower, they have a shower cap included too!


We dare you to find a more spotless room‘ – Qbic website. And yes, it’s literally true. The room was absolutely spotless, clean and smelt fresh on entry.

Room Service/Breakfast

They don’t serve you your breakfast to your room but they have a breakfast area downstairs which ends at 11am. I went down at around 10.30am and they were still serving so I’m glad I made it in time. The breakfast area is really inviting, warm and cosy and the staff are super attentive.

They have a buffet which serves things like Croissants, Fruit, Cereals, Salmon etc and then you get to choose one thing off the menu, eg. a fried breakfast or pancakes. I chose pancakes with Nutella, Creme Fraiche and Raspberry Compote! They were absolutely delicious.

B8843085-35FC-4D5A-9C0B-B2AA62F6B13E (1).jpg

They have a running theme throughout the hotel which is very unique, quirky and imaginative. And of course, it’s highly instagrammable! There is just so many photo opportunities to take advantage of. I was obsessed!


Qbic Hotel



  • Kingsize comfortable bed
  • Very clean
  • Instagrammable
  • Quirky/Witty
  • Tasty Food
  • Shower big enough for two
  • Mood lighting
  • Hairdryer
  • Amazing lighting


  • No room service
  • No breakfast in bed
  • No selfie mirror
  • No robes/slippers


I would just like to say thank you to the Qbic team for having me and although I was gifted this complimentary stay, my opinion/review is 100% honest and truthful. I look forward to staying with you again. Thanks for reading! X

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