I asked a group of 20 Men their thoughts on being asked out by a Woman and I have recorded their answers just for you!

If a Woman asks ‘When we going for drinks then?’ or initiated that the two of you should go out, what are your thoughts on it?

1. ‘Shows confidence/interest, too many girls play games’

2. ‘Sexy and exciting as hell’

3. ‘Depending on the tone on which it is said. If it’s said light hearted with confidence, I see no problem with it. If it’s asked and feels like it’s coming from a needy place it can be a turn off.’

4. ‘I like the confidence’

5. ‘Would be happy to know she knows what she wants and she has great taste’

6. ‘It’s good for a girl to be confident! It’s attractive!’

7. ‘I like it, shows interest’

8. ‘Confidence is 100% attractive, definitely not needy. Personally I would find it quite hot and cheeky which I like, depends on who the girl is though.. whether that kind of thing would suit her personality or not’

9. ‘I’d like it, as long as it wasn’t like straight away otherwise it’d seem like she just wants a free night out, but otherwise i’m all for that. Lets go get battered girllll’

10. ‘Effort from a girl is sexy’

11. ‘It’s only sexy if you actually want to go out with her’

12. ‘I would rather ask but I like the confidence and means they are actually into you’

13. ‘Sexy and I like it’

14. ‘Means she is keen’

15. ‘Personally I don’t think it’s a big deal but I do understand it would make some people think she’s a bit keen but some boys like it when a girl is confident, I don’t think it should be left to the guy to ask.’

16. ‘It should never always be left for the guy the ask. Personally I find it quite rare for a girl to ask that and when I come across one that does, I find it a breathe of fresh air. Yep I find the confidence of a girl who is as bold to ask that, sexy.’

17. ‘Personally I would like that. It stops there being any confusion and confidence is indeed sexy.’

18. ‘100% love it when a girl says when are we meeting up. I’ll happily take the reigns but that is sexy for sure.’

19. ‘This is good because then I’d know she’s on ittt like a car bonnet…confidence is key’

20. ‘Depends how good looking she is’

So there we have it, if you want something. go and get it.



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