So I recently collaborated with a brand called @eroticjoyofficial now if you’ve never heard of this brand before, the clue is kinda in the name. This company is a brand new sex toy and lingerie retailer stocking hundreds of different toys, novelty gifts, hen party games, edible food, costumes and sexy lingerie. Now I understand some people aren’t as comfortable speaking about this sort of thing but sex is a normal part of life and it’s nothing to be embarrassed about so I thought I’d do a little post about what I was gifted just in-case you were curious to know. Also if you’re slightly shy about ordering anything from the website, please be assured that the items will be sent completely discreetly with no huge logos on and in unbranded packaging making sure it has no indication of what’s inside, phew!

The first thing I was gifted was a Classic Bunny vibrator in baby pink, cute! This is a 5 function, silicone rabbit massager with two individual motors and is completely waterproof. The great thing about this toy in particular is that it’s completely silent meaning you can use it if people are in the house and there won’t be any loud vibrations coming from your bedroom, yay! This toy is especially good for targeting the G spot as well as stimulating the clitoris with its vibrating flexible bunny ears. The toy is made from hygienic, non-porous silicone materials meaning it does not allow any air or liquid to pass through it and it’s completely body-friendly. The material of the toy also warms to match your body heat and has a silky feel to it. The vibrator itself is roughly 6inches in size (insertable up 1-5inches) with a girth of 2.5inches. Easiest way to wash is to use hot soapy water and some toy cleaner to ensure it’s completely clean for future use. It’s so important to wash your toys as if you don’t then it can cause a bacteria build up which no one wants, ew!

– 2XAAA batteries needed


The second thing I was gifted was a Mini-Mite, this is an in-shower mini waterproof massage toy which has four different attachments for 4 completely different sensations. The toy also has an optional sleeve too which has small rigid bumps on for a different feel. The toy is also quite compact in size!

– 1XAA battery needed


And lastly, the Ling-o! When I unboxed this, everyone on my instagram stories were laughing so much and as was I. I’ve never seen anything like it, it’s a toy that basically fits around your tongue and it has a mild vibration which replicates a bullet vibrator. This is described as the ‘lazy’ way to oral sex, getting added help with the vibrations! It’s designed to fit over any tongue size and has a rigid band and flat surface to keep the tongue from curling. The battery life lasts around 40minutes (the batteries are included already) so it’s more of a disposable toy.

– Batteries included


If you want to spice up your sex life then investing in a sex toy might just be the answer, it’ll add something fun and new into your sex life and who knows you might absolutely love them and if not, then at least you tried it and you’ll know for future reference that it’s not your sorta thing! @Eroticjoyofficial website is full of lots of different products from vanilla, kink to the more hardcore stuff and they’re all catagorised into different sections so you can see everything you want to in one place. They also have lots of party games which as I mentioned above would be brilliant for hen partys, lots of novelty gifts such as mugs, aprons and slippers etc as well as stocking lots of pretty lingerie sets and accessories.

Thanks so much for the gifting and thanks so much to you guys for reading!


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